SJK Akatemia (Finland)

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FinlandFinland: Ykkonen - Main
PK-35SJK Akatemia info06.07.2022 17:30
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FinlandFinland: Ykkonen - Main
SJK AkatemiaJaro1:3 (1:3, 0:0)details02.07.2022
SJK AkatemiaPEPO2:2 (1:2, 1:0)details23.06.2022
EkenasSJK Akatemia5:0 (2:0, 3:0)details18.06.2022
SJK AkatemiaKTP1:1 (1:0, 0:1)details11.06.2022
JaPSSJK Akatemia1:1 (1:1, 0:0)details03.06.2022
FinlandFinland: Suomen Cup - Main
1/16-finalsSJK AkatemiaSJK2:3 (0:2, 2:1)details25.05.2022
1/32-finalsVIFKSJK Akatemia1:4 (1:3, 0:1)details27.04.2022
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
JaroSJK Akatemia0:3 (0:2, 0:1)details23.04.2022
SJK AkatemiaIlves 20:1 details05.04.2022
PK-35SJK Akatemia3:1 (2:1, 1:0)details02.04.2022
SJK AkatemiaJazz Pori4:1 (0:1, 4:0)details30.03.2022
FinlandFinland: Ykkoscup - Play Offs
Quarter-finalsTPSSJK Akatemia3:0 (2:0, 1:0)details05.03.2022
FinlandFinland: Ykkoscup - Main
Group CJaroSJK Akatemia3:1 (0:0, 3:1)details26.02.2022
Group CSJK AkatemiaMikkelin3:1 (0:0, 3:1)details12.02.2022
Group CKPV KokkolaSJK Akatemia3:0 (2:0, 1:0)details05.02.2022
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
SJK AkatemiaVIFK2:0 (2:0, 0:0)details19.12.2021
FinlandFinland: Kakkonen Group C - Main
SJK AkatemiaRovaniemi 22:1 (2:0, 0:1)details24.10.2021
FinlandFinland: Kakkosen Cup - Main
FinalPEPOSJK Akatemia3:2 (1:1, 2:1)details16.10.2021
FinlandFinland: Kakkonen Group C - Main
SJK AkatemiaNarpes Kraft5:0 (1:0, 4:0)details02.10.2021
VaajakoskiSJK Akatemia2:2 (1:1, 1:1)details25.09.2021
SJK AkatemiaVaajakoski2:0 (2:0, 0:0)details19.09.2021
OLS OuluSJK Akatemia0:2 (0:2, 0:0)details12.09.2021
FinlandFinland: Suomen Cup - Play Offs
1/8-finalsSJK AkatemiaSJK0:3 (0:1, 0:2)details06.03.2021
FinlandFinland: Kakkosen Cup - Main
Semi-finalsSJK AkatemiaIlves 22:1 PEN. (1:0, 0:1, 0:0, 4:3)details20.02.2021
Quarter-finalsSJK AkatemiaOLS Oulu5:2 (3:2, 2:0)details13.02.2021
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FinlandFinland: Ykkonen - Main
PK-35SJK Akatemia info06.07.2022 17:30
SJK AkatemiaMikkelin      info11.07.2022 17:30
TPSSJK Akatemia      info15.07.2022 17:30
JaroSJK Akatemia      info20.07.2022 17:30
SJK AkatemiaKPV Kokkola      info25.07.2022 17:30
GnistanSJK Akatemia      info31.07.2022 17:30
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