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How Odds are Calculated
Understanding how odds are calculated is essential for bettors who want to develop their skills
Accumulator Guide
Learn the maths behind accumulators in sports betting
What is Bankroll Management?
Discover how bankroll management works in the world of online betting

Upgrade your Online Betting Experience

We are passionate about the subject of betting online. That’s why our team of experts go above and beyond, conducting in-depth research on all areas of the subject. Whether it’s finding the best odds for a bet, exploring the best new sites on the market or advice on where the value lies, we have it covered. Our staff are here because they are bettors too, so they are able to put themselves in the position of our readers and make the best, objective judgements. Whatever you need when it comes to online betting, we’re confident you’ll find the answers.

Reviews of the Best Sports Betting Brands

With so many online bookmakers out there on the market these days, how do you know who to trust? Well, our review process is designed to provide an in-depth look at each brand so you can get all the most important information in just a few minutes. Our staff spend hours testing sites for themselves to provide and informed, real-life customer experience. We believe this is the only way that we can truly replicate what others would see.

Safety and trust is at the heart of everything we do, so if a brand doesn’t have the licensing in place to operate and ensure everything is above board, we wouldn’t even consider listing them on the site. Customer security is paramount to us and we want to ensure that only the top, trusted sites are listed.

Trusted Payment Methods

Moving money online shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but of course it’s a necessary part of betting online. Having access to the best payment methods for online betting makes the whole process seamless. You can deposit and withdraw instantly in some cases, with no fees or hidden charges. There are plenty of new payment options on the market with more coming along every year. Our team have tried them all first-hand so they know how they work and can recommend the best ones for your needs and location.

Build up Your Knowledge with Our Guides

With decades of experience in our writing staff, there are some pearls of wisdom to share. Our betting guides are designed to be accessible to even the newest of bettors, while still offering some insights that seasoned bettors may not have considered. As the range of markets and angles has expanded exponentially over the past two decades, so have the number of opportunities in the world of online betting. We hope you find our betting guides to be the perfect companion whether you’re just getting started or simply want to brush up your knowledge.

The Best Bonuses from Betting Sites

We know that a huge part of the online betting industry is based around customer acquisition and retention. Bonuses are one of the most eye-catching ways for brands to attract new players so it’s important that we assess each offer on it’s merits. Our experts have tested every bonus that we have listed on the site so that they have first-hand experience of the process and go beyond the marketing slogans and headlines. If a bonus has restrictive terms and conditions, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can make an informed decision about if it’s right for you or not.

Proven Betting Strategies

Ever wondered what the best way to go about betting on certain sports is? Our team are on hand with some test online betting strategies. While nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of gambling, knowing some additional information about specific topics, markets or approaches will undoubtedly make you a better bettor. With dozens of sports and hundreds of markets for many events, the scope of what you can learn is only getting bigger every day. Education and development is our aim so that when you place your next wager, you do so in a way that maximises the potential upside.

Brush up Your Betting Experience with the Latest Updates

Placing bets online allows you to place bets from the comfort of your own home. Betting itself has been around for millennia, but online betting sites have only been in our daily lives for the past twenty years or so.

Today, millions of people use these websites. If you’re interested in trading in the physical for the digital, this guide is here for you. Brick-and-mortar casinos are not going anywhere, but now that websites are fluid, a breeze to use, and secure, more are looking to transition from the world of physically placing bets to doing so directly online.

Why Choose Online Betting vs In-Person Betting

There are many reason why betters may prefer an online site to an in-person betting experience:

Online GamblingIn-Person Betting
ConveniencePlace bets from the comfort of your own home, anytime, and anywhere.Requires travelling to a physical casino or betting shop, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.
Variety of Betting OptionsOffers a wider range of sports betting options, casino games, and live dealer games.Limited to the games and betting options available at the physical location.
Bonuses and PromotionsOne of the big differences. Online, you’ll get a bunch of different bonus and promotion offers available for both new and existing customers.You’ll rarely see bonuses or promotions in person.
Responsible Gambling ToolsIt’s so much easier to set your own limits by using the site’s responsible gambling tools. Use those features to set your budget, give yourself breaks, and more.Have very few responsible gaming tools in place to help you stay in check.

Misconceptions About Betting – RNG

One thing that may make you hesitant to try out an online site vs. brick-and-mortar casinos is the use of digital casino games. In general, the site you use should be relying on the Random Number Generator (RNG).

RNG is a simple program that generates random numbers that, in turn, determine the game’s outcome. Don’t assume that only the digital versions of these games use RNG. Any machine on a casino floor that uses a digital screen or computer system will also be relying on an RNG. Only the mechanical machines (that are largely discontinued) won’t use the RNG.

This means that going online is going to give you the same chances as placing bets in a real casino.

The Basics for Playing Online

Placing a bet wouldn’t be anything without the website itself. Those web-based platforms are sometimes accessible online, other times only available via an app, but regardless, all perform the same key function: they take your bet, and if it works, you get to withdraw your winnings.

Unlike brick-and-mortar locations, however, there are more steps involved before you can get started with placing bets.

Playing Essentials

You’re going to need three things to get started.

  1. The first is an internet-connected device. This may be your phone or your laptop.
  2. The second is a strong internet connection. The last thing you want is for your bet to fail to go through. Or worse, for you to accidentally enter a bet multiple times because you couldn’t tell if your initial one went through.
  3. Finally, you need some play money. Always budget out in advance how much you can lose, and bet with that to keep the experience positive.

Once you have that, it’s time to fish through the many betting sites out there today to find the best betting sites for you. By choosing a recommended site, you can rest easy knowing that the website you’re on is legalised, follows the rules, and isn’t out to scam you.

Choosing the best online betting site or betting apps will boil down to a few key things:

  • Is it licensed by a reputable gambling authority?
  • What do the betting site reviews say about it?
  • What are the wagering requirements?
  • How easy is it to cash out?
  • How secure is the website?
  • Do you like the look and feel of the site?

From there, it’s all about choosing the website you like the look of most.

Make an Account

The next step is to create an account on the gambling site. What information you’ll need to provide will depend on the type of website and experience. In general, you will need to input your real card details and address, as those will be essential to make deposits and withdrawals.

Place Your Bets

From there, it mostly works the same as traditional casinos. You can make sports bets, play online games like poker with other players digitally, or even play online casino games.

Making Withdrawals

If you have any winnings or wish to withdraw the money you put into the site for bets, then you’ll typically need to go through your account and make a withdrawal that way. For peace of mind, you should always check to make sure that the withdrawal process is easy and hassle-free before you make a deposit.

Bonuses when Betting Online

As soon as you jump onto one of those new betting sites, you’ll likely see offer after offer with bonuses, VIP offers, and more – something you might not always get as frequently with your traditional in-person betting spots. These incentives are all geared towards getting you to sign up and fast. Before you jump onto any of those bonuses, however, it’s important to understand just what they are and what limits come with them when you play.

What’s a Bonus?

Online betting bonuses are any deal that gives you a perk for signing up. For example, you may get a 200% matching bonus for signing up to a specific amount.

In this example, you deposit $200 and get $400 as a sign-up bonus, so your account will have $600 attached to it. However, you can’t just withdraw that $600. First, you need to meet the wagering requirements.

What are Wagering Requirements?

One of the key things you’ll need to understand before you place your first bet on an online gambling site is the wagering requirements.

The exact wagering requirements will depend on the site itself. In general, there will be an overall wagering requirement, and then each sign-up bonus or VIP bonus will also have its own wagering requirements.

In the early days, the wagering requirement was just to make the full amount in wagers. So, in this case, you’d have to place $600 as a bet. In games like blackjack, even a bad game’s expected losses on that amount would only be $6.

How Wagering Requirements Have Changed

Today, the wagering requirements have increased substantially. You’d need to wager 25x to even 50x the initial deposit amount before you can cash out in casino settings. Many sites also put a limit on which games you can make these wagers on. Blackjack, for example, always has a very low house edge, which is typically limited. This means you can only place so much on that game and have it go towards your wagering requirement.

What does this mean? It means that you can’t expect to use your sign-up bonus as a quick way to get cash. It’s a good idea to go in assuming that the house is always going to come out on top and to bet as you normally would rather than try to game the system – because you can’t.

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Loyalty Programs

If you find one site you prefer over others and find yourself playing on it often, you may want to look into that site’s loyalty program, which can serve as another way to enjoy special bonuses. The exact VIP program will depend entirely on how much you bet, how often, and what site you use. It’s worth noting, of course, that not all operators will have loyalty or VIP programs, but they may have regular promotions for existing users.

Always see features as nice little bonus perks. Don’t try to ramp up your bets to get VIP treatment if it’s outside of your budget. Stretching yourself beyond your limit is how you’ll end up in hot water when you should be having fun.

Bonuses vs. Wagering Requirements vs. Loyalty Programs

BonusesWagering RequirementsLoyalty Programs
What It IsExtra perks when you sign upThe wagering limit you need to reach before you can cash outBonuses given specifically to players who bet often
Example200% deposit match up to $400You need to wager 25x your deposit before you can cash outDeposit bonuses, cashback, free spins, faster payouts, personalised support, loyalty points, etc.
You deposit $200, the house gives you $400; you now have $600 for wagersWager $15,000 before you can cash out

Betting Tips to Improve Your Online Experience

Once you’ve chosen the best betting site for you, you’re probably getting ready to place your first bet. To help improve your experience, you can use free betting tips, including the ones listed below:

Keep Track of Your Bets

Whether you use a spreadsheet, the notes app on your phone or pen and paper, it’s a great idea to keep track of your bets on your own, especially when betting on sports teams. There are a few reasons to keep track of your bets:

  • You stay on top of how much you’ve bet, how much you’ve lost, and how much you’ve won to keep a global perspective on your betting budget
  • You know where your bets are and what they’re for
  • You get used to understanding betting odds and the science behind them

Understand the Game Before You Play

Another big tip to help with your betting experience is to fully understand the games before you place your bet or play a casino game. If you don’t truly understand the ins and outs of a football game, then your bets will be sheer luck (and sometimes widely off the mark). Understanding the game doesn’t improve your chances of winning, but it does mean you’ll understand what you’re betting and why.

Always Know the House Advantage

If you can, always learn what the house advantage is ahead of time. This can help you understand how much you can expect to lose during your play time. Some games, like blackjack, have a very low house advantage. While this doesn’t mean you’re more guaranteed to win, if you do, the wins are far smaller. In this case, knowing the house edge is a good idea to help you manage your losses and keep the play fun.

It’s Time to Get Started!

Now that you know a bit more about sports betting and online casinos, it’s time to get started. Find the best online betting platform that’s secure, easy on the eyes, and offers the games and experiences you’re after when you gamble online.

Once you have your shortlist, it’s time to sign up and try them out. You may not like the actual play experience, and that’s fine! Play until you can cash out, and move on to the next. There are many online casinos and digital betting spots, so it’s really just down to personal preference. Unlike brick-and-mortar locations, you can try out these platforms as you see fit.

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Placing Bets Online – FAQ

For the most part, yes! Online betting exists in most countries in one form or another. Always check the rules and regulations in your area, as these will differ from country to country, state to state, and province to province. In most cases, sites you use will be open for you to play elsewhere, even if they can’t operate directly in your country of residence. Some countries, however, outright ban betting of all forms, so check in advance – especially if you’re traveling!

💰 What Payment Methods can I Use?

You can typically use any credit card (with some limits on options like American Express) to make your deposits and withdrawals. Other popular options include bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and mobile payments like PayPal. Try to choose the betting payment methods that offer the most fail-safes and security measures, and stick to your pre-determined budget.

👍 Is Online Sports Betting Different from In-person Betting?

While betting in-person and online is similar, there are a few key differences. When you bet on an online site, you typically have more options. You can also take advantage of bonuses like deposit matches, reload bonuses, or even free bets. This can make betting online more nuanced, allowing you more ways to play and make bets than in-person options traditionally offer.

🔐 How Can I Protect my Information when Betting Online?

There’s always a risk that your personal information can be stolen when you use any online site. To minimize this risk, only play at reputable casinos that are fully licensed and approved. You will also want to create strong, unique passwords that you don’t use anywhere else – and update them often!

🤑 How Do I Claim my Winnings?

The exact process to claim your winnings differs from site to site. Always go through the full process (from deposit to withdrawal) before you place a bet. Some sites only work with virtual currencies, others allow you to withdraw your winnings after meeting the wagering requirements.