Neman Grodno (Belarus)

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BelarusBelarus: Extraleague - Main
Group ANeman GrodnoYunost Minsk      info03.12.2020 17:00
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BelarusBelarus: Extraleague - Main
Group ALokomotiv OrshaNeman Grodno1:0 (1:0, 0:0, 0:0)details27.11.2020
Group ALokomotiv OrshaNeman Grodno0:2 (0:1, 0:1, 0:0)details25.11.2020
Group ANeman GrodnoGomel1:3 (0:1, 1:0, 0:2)details21.11.2020
EuropeEurope: Champions League - Main
1/16-finals - 2nd legFrolundaNeman GrodnoCAN.  details18.11.2020
1/16-finals - 1st legNeman GrodnoFrolundaCAN.  details17.11.2020
BelarusBelarus: Extraleague - Main
Group AMolodechnoNeman Grodno1:4 (0:0, 1:3, 0:1)details14.11.2020
Group AZhlobinNeman GrodnoPOSTP.  details12.11.2020
BelarusBelarus: Belarusian Cup - Main
Group BPinskiye YastrebyNeman Grodno1:4 (0:1, 0:3, 1:0)details26.08.2020
Group BNeman GrodnoLida7:0 (3:0, 3:0, 1:0)details24.08.2020
Group BMogilevNeman Grodno0:5 (0:1, 0:1, 0:3)details22.08.2020
Group BNeman GrodnoLokomotiv Orsha4:5 pen. (2:1, 1:0, 1:3, 0:0, 0:2)details20.08.2020
Group BNeman GrodnoMolodechno2:3 (1:0, 1:3, 0:0)details18.08.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
Neman GrodnoYunost Minsk0:3 (0:0, 0:1, 0:2)details01.08.2020
LidaNeman Grodno1:5 (0:2, 1:3, 0:0)details31.07.2020
Neman GrodnoGomel2:1 (1:1, 1:0, 0:0)details30.07.2020
Neman GrodnoLida3:0 (1:0, 2:0, 0:0)details25.07.2020
Neman GrodnoBrest5:1 (1:1, 2:0, 2:0)details23.07.2020
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BelarusBelarus: Extraleague - Main
Group ANeman GrodnoYunost Minsk      info03.12.2020 17:00
Group ANeman GrodnoSoligorsk      info05.12.2020 11:00
Group AGomelNeman Grodno      info10.12.2020 17:00
Group AZhlobinNeman Grodno      info12.12.2020 17:00
Group ANeman GrodnoYunost Minsk      info17.12.2020 17:00
Group ANeman GrodnoSoligorsk      info19.12.2020 17:00
Group ANeman GrodnoLokomotiv Orsha      info22.12.2020 17:00
Group ANeman GrodnoMogilev      info24.12.2020 17:00
Group ASoligorskNeman Grodno      info27.12.2020 17:00
Group AYunost MinskNeman Grodno      info29.12.2020 17:00
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