Omron Yamaga (Japan)

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JapanJapan: JHL Women - Main
The Terrace Hotels WOmron Yamaga W22:27 (11:10, 11:17)details13.08.2022
Omron Yamaga WTakayama W22:17 (13:8, 9:9)details07.08.2022
Omron Yamaga WSony Semiconductor Manufacturing W20:16 (10:9, 10:7)details30.07.2022
Osaka Lovvits WOmron Yamaga W27:30 (9:17, 18:13)details18.07.2022
Omron Yamaga WHiroshima Maple Reds W25:24 (12:12, 13:12)details10.07.2022
Omron Yamaga WPrestige International Aranmare W23:26 (12:10, 11:16)details02.07.2022
JapanJapan: JHL Women - Play Offs
FinalHokkoku Bank WOmron Yamaga W30:25 (16:10, 14:15)details20.03.2022
Semi-finalsSony Semiconductor Manufacturing WOmron Yamaga WWO. details19.03.2022
Quarter-finalsOmron Yamaga WIzumi Maple Reds W22:22 (11:8, 11:14)details18.03.2022
JapanJapan: JHL Women - Main
Omron Yamaga WHokkoku Bank W25:30 (13:18, 12:12)details10.03.2022
Omron Yamaga WSony Semiconductor Manufacturing W23:19 (14:11, 9:8)details05.03.2022
Takayama WOmron Yamaga W22:33 (15:15, 7:18)details26.02.2022
The Terrace Hotels WOmron Yamaga W16:34 (5:16, 11:18)details23.02.2022
Omron Yamaga WIzumi Maple Reds W29:20 (14:12, 15:8)details19.02.2022
HC Nagoya WOmron Yamaga W15:32 (8:15, 7:17)details11.02.2022
Omron Yamaga WOsaka Lovvits W37:25 (16:13, 21:12)details05.02.2022
Omron Yamaga WMie Violet Uris W28:25 (18:11, 10:14)details29.01.2022
Omron Yamaga WPrestige International Aranmare W29:18 (18:8, 11:10)details22.01.2022
Omron Yamaga WTakayama W28:25 (16:15, 12:10)details15.01.2022
Mie Violet Uris WOmron Yamaga W16:24 (11:11, 5:13)details13.11.2021
Osaka Lovvits WOmron Yamaga W23:28 (14:14, 9:14)details07.11.2021
Hokkoku Bank WOmron Yamaga W26:25 (16:11, 10:14)details03.11.2021
Omron Yamaga WHC Nagoya W23:17 (10:7, 13:10)details31.10.2021
Omron Yamaga WThe Terrace Hotels W33:21 (16:8, 17:13)details30.10.2021
Izumi Maple Reds WOmron Yamaga W28:20 (14:11, 14:9)details23.10.2021
Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing WOmron Yamaga W23:19 (12:8, 11:11)details04.09.2021
Prestige International Aranmare WOmron Yamaga W20:18 (11:6, 9:12)details28.08.2021
WorldWorld: Super Globe Women - Main
3rd placeOmron Yamaga WUnC Concordia W32:35 (17:17, 15:18)details04.08.2019
Semi-finalsOmron Yamaga WChinese National Club W25:30 (14:12, 11:18)details02.08.2019
Quarter-finalsOmron Yamaga WNY City W29:22 (14:9, 15:13)details01.08.2019
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