CS Magura Cisnadiei (Romania)

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RomaniaRomania: Liga Nationala Women - Main
1. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WDunarea Braila W      info28.08.2022 17:00
2. RoundMioveni WMagura Cisnadiei W      info01.09.2022 17:00
3. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WCSM Bucuresti W      info04.09.2022 17:00
4. RoundBuzau WMagura Cisnadiei W      info11.09.2022 17:00
5. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WRapid Bucuresti W      info25.09.2022 17:00
6. RoundTargu Jiu WMagura Cisnadiei W      info09.10.2022 17:00
7. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WCSM Slatina W      info20.10.2022 17:00
8. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WZalau W      info04.12.2022 17:00
9. RoundRamnicu Valcea WMagura Cisnadiei W      info11.12.2022 17:00
10. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WSCM Craiova W      info22.12.2022 17:00
11. RoundBaia Mare WMagura Cisnadiei W      info29.12.2022 17:00
12. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WCSM Galati W      info15.01.2023 17:00
13. RoundBistrita WMagura Cisnadiei W      info22.01.2023 17:00
14. RoundDunarea Braila WMagura Cisnadiei W      info29.01.2023 17:00
15. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WMioveni W      info05.02.2023 17:00
16. RoundCSM Bucuresti WMagura Cisnadiei W      info12.02.2023 17:00
17. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WBuzau W      info19.02.2023 17:00
18. RoundRapid Bucuresti WMagura Cisnadiei W      info12.03.2023 17:00
19. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WTargu Jiu W      info19.03.2023 17:00
20. RoundCSM Slatina WMagura Cisnadiei W      info30.03.2023 17:00
21. RoundZalau WMagura Cisnadiei W      info20.04.2023 17:00
22. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WRamnicu Valcea W      info23.04.2023 17:00
23. RoundSCM Craiova WMagura Cisnadiei W      info30.04.2023 17:00
24. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WBaia Mare W      info07.05.2023 17:00
25. RoundCSM Galati WMagura Cisnadiei W      info14.05.2023 17:00
26. RoundMagura Cisnadiei WBistrita W      info28.05.2023 17:00
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