Premier League 2018/2019Premier League

10. Round1X2 
Akhmat Grozny - FK Anzi Makhackala0:007.10.
CSKA Moscow - Lokomotiv Moscow0:107.10.
Yenisey - Spartak Moscow2:307.10.
Zenit Petersburg - Krasnodar2:107.10.
FK Krylya Sovetov Samara - Dynamo Moscow1:006.10.
FK Rostov - Orenburg0:106.10.
Rubin Kazan - Ural1:006.10.
Arsenal Tula - Ufa1:105.10.
9. Round1X2 
Rubin Kazan - FK Krylya Sovetov Samara2:101.10.
FK Anzi Makhackala - Zenit Petersburg2:130.09.
Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow3:030.09.
Spartak Moscow - FK Rostov0:130.09.
Lokomotiv Moscow - Akhmat Grozny2:029.09.
Ufa - Yenisey2:129.09.
Ural - Arsenal Tula2:129.09.
Orenburg - CSKA Moscow0:128.09.
8. Round1X2 
FK Krylya Sovetov Samara - Krasnodar0:324.09.
CSKA Moscow - Spartak Moscow1:123.09.
Zenit Petersburg - Lokomotiv Moscow5:323.09.
Akhmat Grozny - Orenburg1:122.09.
Arsenal Tula - Rubin Kazan2:222.09.
Dynamo Moscow - FK Anzi Makhackala0:122.09.
FK Rostov - Ufa0:022.09.
Yenisey - Ural1:222.09.
7. Round1X2 
Ural - FK Rostov1:117.09.
FK Anzi Makhackala - Krasnodar0:416.09.
Orenburg - Zenit Petersburg1:216.09.
Spartak Moscow - Akhmat Grozny1:216.09.
Arsenal Tula - FK Krylya Sovetov Samara4:015.09.
Rubin Kazan - Yenisey1:015.09.
Ufa - CSKA Moscow0:315.09.
Lokomotiv Moscow - Dynamo Moscow1:114.09.
6. Round1X2 
Akhmat Grozny - Ufa2:102.09.
Dynamo Moscow - Orenburg2:002.09.
Yenisey - Arsenal Tula0:002.09.
Zenit Petersburg - Spartak Moscow0:002.09.
CSKA Moscow - Ural4:001.09.
FK Krylya Sovetov Samara - FK Anzi Makhackala1:001.09.
Krasnodar - Lokomotiv Moscow2:101.09.
FK Rostov - Rubin Kazan1:131.08.
5. Round1X2 
Yenisey - FK Krylya Sovetov Samara1:027.08.
Lokomotiv Moscow - FK Anzi Makhackala2:126.08.
Orenburg - Krasnodar1:126.08.
Ufa - Zenit Petersburg0:226.08.
Rubin Kazan - CSKA Moscow1:125.08.
Spartak Moscow - Dynamo Moscow2:125.08.
Ural - Akhmat Grozny2:125.08.
Arsenal Tula - FK Rostov0:124.08.
4. Round1X2 
Dynamo Moscow - Ufa3:020.08.
FK Krylya Sovetov Samara - Lokomotiv Moscow0:119.08.
FK Rostov - Yenisey4:019.08.
Zenit Petersburg - Ural4:119.08.
Akhmat Grozny - Rubin Kazan1:118.08.
CSKA Moscow - Arsenal Tula3:018.08.
Krasnodar - Spartak Moscow0:118.08.
FK Anzi Makhackala - Orenburg1:317.08.
3. Round1X2 
Rubin Kazan - Zenit Petersburg0:113.08.
Ufa - Krasnodar0:113.08.
Arsenal Tula - Akhmat Grozny3:112.08.
Orenburg - Lokomotiv Moscow1:012.08.
FK Rostov - FK Krylya Sovetov Samara0:111.08.
Spartak Moscow - FK Anzi Makhackala1:011.08.
Yenisey - CSKA Moscow1:111.08.
Ural - Dynamo Moscow1:110.08.
2. Round1X2 
Ufa - FK Anzi Makhackala3:006.08.
Akhmat Grozny - Yenisey1:005.08.
CSKA Moscow - FK Rostov0:105.08.
FK Krylya Sovetov Samara - Orenburg0:305.08.
Lokomotiv Moscow - Spartak Moscow0:004.08.
Ural - Krasnodar1:204.08.
Zenit Petersburg - Arsenal Tula1:004.08.
Dynamo Moscow - Rubin Kazan1:103.08.
1. Round1X2 
FK Krylya Sovetov Samara - CSKA Moscow0:031.07.
Ufa - Lokomotiv Moscow0:030.07.
Arsenal Tula - Dynamo Moscow0:029.07.
Rubin Kazan - Krasnodar2:129.07.
Yenisey - Zenit Petersburg0:229.07.
FK Rostov - Akhmat Grozny1:028.07.
Spartak Moscow - Orenburg1:028.07.
Ural - FK Anzi Makhackala0:128.07.
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