Leumit League 2021/2022Leumit League

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12. Round1X2 
H. Akko - Beitar Tel Aviv2:0Yesterday
Hapoel Petah Tikva - Hap. Ramat Gan1:1Yesterday
H. Raanana - Agudat Sport Ashdod2:1Yesterday
M. Nazareth - Maccabi Bnei Raina0:1Yesterday
Ramat Hasharon - H. Ironi Rishon2:2Yesterday
11. Round1X2 
Hapoel Kfar Saba - H. Raanana1:108.11.
Hap. Ramat Gan - H. Akko2:108.11.
Bnei Yehuda - Nes Tziona0:008.11.
Agudat Sport Ashdod - Hapoel Afula1:005.11.
Beitar Tel Aviv - Ramat Hasharon1:205.11.
Hapoel Petah Tikva - MS Kafr Qasim1:005.11.
H. Ironi Rishon - M. Nazareth0:105.11.
Maccabi Bnei Raina - Hapoel Umm al-Fahm2:105.11.
10. Round1X2 
H. Akko - Hapoel Petah Tikva1:001.11.
H. Raanana - Bnei Yehuda0:301.11.
M. Nazareth - Beitar Tel Aviv4:201.11.
Hapoel Afula - Hapoel Kfar Saba1:029.10.
Hapoel Umm al-Fahm - H. Ironi Rishon2:229.10.
MS Kafr Qasim - Agudat Sport Ashdod3:129.10.
Nes Tziona - Maccabi Bnei Raina2:029.10.
Ramat Hasharon - Hap. Ramat Gan1:129.10.
9. Round1X2 
Beitar Tel Aviv - Hapoel Umm al-Fahm0:022.10.
H. Akko - MS Kafr Qasim0:022.10.
Hapoel Kfar Saba - Agudat Sport Ashdod2:022.10.
Hapoel Petah Tikva - Ramat Hasharon0:222.10.
Hap. Ramat Gan - M. Nazareth1:122.10.
H. Ironi Rishon - Nes Tziona1:122.10.
Maccabi Bnei Raina - H. Raanana2:022.10.
Bnei Yehuda - Hapoel Afula5:022.10.
8. Round1X2 
Hapoel Umm al-Fahm - Hap. Ramat Gan2:118.10.
H. Raanana - H. Ironi Rishon0:118.10.
Nes Tziona - Beitar Tel Aviv2:118.10.
Agudat Sport Ashdod - Bnei Yehuda0:015.10.
Hapoel Afula - Maccabi Bnei Raina0:215.10.
M. Nazareth - Hapoel Petah Tikva0:015.10.
MS Kafr Qasim - Hapoel Kfar Saba2:215.10.
Ramat Hasharon - H. Akko0:315.10.
7. Round1X2 
Beitar Tel Aviv - H. Raanana1:213.10.
Maccabi Bnei Raina - Agudat Sport Ashdod0:011.10.
Bnei Yehuda - Hapoel Kfar Saba0:111.10.
H. Akko - M. Nazareth3:108.10.
Hapoel Petah Tikva - Hapoel Umm al-Fahm0:008.10.
Hap. Ramat Gan - Nes Tziona1:308.10.
H. Ironi Rishon - Hapoel Afula3:208.10.
Ramat Hasharon - MS Kafr Qasim1:008.10.
6. Round1X2 
H. Raanana - Hap. Ramat Gan3:404.10.
M. Nazareth - Ramat Hasharon0:404.10.
Nes Tziona - Hapoel Petah Tikva1:004.10.
Agudat Sport Ashdod - H. Ironi Rishon2:101.10.
Hapoel Afula - Beitar Tel Aviv0:101.10.
Hapoel Kfar Saba - Maccabi Bnei Raina1:101.10.
Hapoel Umm al-Fahm - H. Akko4:301.10.
MS Kafr Qasim - Bnei Yehuda3:201.10.
5. Round1X2 
Beitar Tel Aviv - Agudat Sport Ashdod0:026.09.
H. Akko - Nes Tziona1:126.09.
H. Ironi Rishon - Hapoel Kfar Saba1:426.09.
Hapoel Petah Tikva - H. Raanana1:023.09.
Hap. Ramat Gan - Hapoel Afula1:123.09.
Maccabi Bnei Raina - Bnei Yehuda0:023.09.
M. Nazareth - MS Kafr Qasim0:023.09.
Ramat Hasharon - Hapoel Umm al-Fahm0:023.09.
4. Round1X2 
Agudat Sport Ashdod - Hap. Ramat Gan5:119.09.
Hapoel Afula - Hapoel Petah Tikva0:019.09.
Hapoel Kfar Saba - Beitar Tel Aviv1:119.09.
Hapoel Umm al-Fahm - M. Nazareth3:119.09.
H. Raanana - H. Akko1:319.09.
MS Kafr Qasim - Maccabi Bnei Raina2:119.09.
Nes Tziona - Ramat Hasharon2:019.09.
Bnei Yehuda - H. Ironi Rishon2:419.09.
3. Round1X2 
Beitar Tel Aviv - Bnei Yehuda1:313.09.
H. Akko - Hapoel Afula1:213.09.
Hap. Ramat Gan - Hapoel Kfar Saba1:213.09.
Hapoel Petah Tikva - Agudat Sport Ashdod0:109.09.
Hapoel Umm al-Fahm - MS Kafr Qasim0:009.09.
H. Ironi Rishon - Maccabi Bnei Raina1:109.09.
M. Nazareth - Nes Tziona3:009.09.
Ramat Hasharon - H. Raanana0:009.09.
2. Round1X2 
Agudat Sport Ashdod - H. Akko1:102.09.
Hapoel Afula - Ramat Hasharon1:102.09.
Hapoel Kfar Saba - Hapoel Petah Tikva0:002.09.
H. Ironi Rishon - MS Kafr Qasim1:202.09.
H. Raanana - M. Nazareth0:002.09.
Maccabi Bnei Raina - Beitar Tel Aviv4:102.09.
Nes Tziona - Hapoel Umm al-Fahm1:102.09.
Bnei Yehuda - Hap. Ramat Gan1:102.09.
1. Round1X2 
H. Akko - Hapoel Kfar Saba0:130.08.
M. Nazareth - Hapoel Afula2:130.08.
MS Kafr Qasim - Nes Tziona2:030.08.
Beitar Tel Aviv - H. Ironi Rishon1:326.08.
Hapoel Petah Tikva - Bnei Yehuda2:126.08.
Hap. Ramat Gan - Maccabi Bnei Raina1:126.08.
Hapoel Umm al-Fahm - H. Raanana2:126.08.
Ramat Hasharon - Agudat Sport Ashdod1:126.08.
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