Saldus (Latvia)

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EuropeEurope: WBBL Women - Main
Group BSaldus WBJBS Riga 2 W0:20 AWA. details25.03.2022
Group BSaldus WJelgava W49:60 (23:24, 26:36)details22.03.2022
Group BBJBS Riga 2 WSaldus W0:20 AWA. details20.03.2022
Group BTTT Riga 2 WSaldus W86:69 (35:42, 51:27)details19.03.2022
Group BDimantu Akademijas WSaldus W40:77 (21:35, 19:42)details17.03.2022
Group BSaldus WRSU Merks 2 W59:83 (25:48, 34:35)details06.03.2022
Group BSaldus WDimantu Akademijas W64:41 (36:19, 28:22)details28.02.2022
Group BSaldus WJurmala W41:63 (26:36, 15:27)details24.02.2022
Group BOgres Kolibri WSaldus W80:39 (41:17, 39:22)details20.02.2022
Group BJugla WSaldus W74:70 (40:32, 34:38)details17.02.2022
Group BValmiera WSaldus W71:68 (44:42, 27:26)details21.01.2022
Group BJelgava WSaldus W65:63 (34:24, 31:39)details20.01.2022
Group BSaldus WLatvia U16 W51:56 (14:29, 37:27)details16.12.2021
Group BSaldus WTTT Riga 2 W55:50 (34:20, 21:30)details12.12.2021
Group BSaldus WJugla W64:69 (29:36, 35:33)details09.12.2021
Group BJurmala WSaldus W88:44 (42:23, 46:21)details02.12.2021
Group BSaldus WOgres Kolibri W46:67 (15:38, 31:29)details25.11.2021
Group BRSU Merks 2 WSaldus W87:44 (43:21, 44:23)details21.11.2021
Group BSaldus WValmiera W50:70 (26:38, 24:32)details14.10.2021
Group BLatvia U16 WSaldus W81:79 (33:47, 48:32)details10.10.2021
EuropeEurope: WBBL Women - Main
Group 2Saldus WJurmala W65:47 (27:11, 38:36)details09.04.2021
Group 2Kandava WSaldus W76:70 (36:39, 40:31)details30.03.2021
Group 2Dimantu Akademijas WSaldus W47:77 (22:42, 25:35)details27.03.2021
Group 2Saldus WBJBS Riga 2 W75:69 (34:31, 41:38)details26.03.2021
Group 2Saldus WLatvia U16 W70:38 (42:14, 28:24)details19.03.2021
Group 2Kolibri WSaldus W43:86 (24:43, 19:43)details18.03.2021
Group 2Saldus WOgres Kolibri W96:18 (50:9, 46:9)details14.03.2021
Group 2Saldus WDaugavpils W60:62 (36:31, 24:31)details12.03.2021
Group 2Jelgava WSaldus W59:54 (30:25, 29:29)details10.03.2021
Group 2Saldus WJelgava W56:69 (31:35, 25:34)details15.10.2020
Group 2Saldus WLatvia U16 W53:45 (37:17, 16:28)details03.10.2020
EuropeEurope: WBBL Women - Main
Group 2Jelgava WSaldus W61:47 (34:21, 27:26)details12.02.2020
Group 2Saldus WDaugavpils W63:78 (29:45, 34:33)details08.02.2020
Group 2Saldus WJurmala W61:77 (35:33, 26:44)details28.01.2020
Group 2Saldus WG4S Noorteliiga W54:69 (24:34, 30:35)details11.01.2020
Group 2BJBS Riga WSaldus W75:58 (37:25, 38:33)details17.12.2019
Group 2Saldus WTTT Riga 2 W49:52 (30:22, 19:30)details12.12.2019
Group 2Jurmala WSaldus W79:54 (40:27, 39:27)details04.12.2019
Group 2Saldus WBJBS Riga W46:85 (22:46, 24:39)details21.11.2019
Group 2Daugavpils WSaldus W69:56 (38:24, 31:32)details17.11.2019
Group 2G4S Noorteliiga WSaldus W82:65 (42:29, 40:36)details26.10.2019
Group 2TTT Riga 2 WSaldus W71:56 (27:22, 44:34)details12.10.2019
Group 2Saldus WJelgava W57:44 (32:25, 25:19)details05.10.2019
EuropeEurope: WBBL Women - Losers stage
Saldus WTartu University/Kalev W66:75 (30:35, 36:40)details19.03.2019
Saldus WG4S Noorteliiga W75:64 (32:41, 43:23)details17.03.2019
Daugavpils WSaldus W73:48 (26:32, 47:16)details14.03.2019
Saldus WLatvia U16 W89:55 (51:23, 38:32)details07.03.2019
Saldus WTTT Riga Kadetes W54:64 (21:34, 33:30)details26.02.2019
G4S Noorteliiga WSaldus W117:62 (67:34, 50:28)details23.02.2019
Audentese WSaldus W57:48 (21:19, 36:29)details22.02.2019
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