New Taipei Kings (Taiwan)

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TaiwanTaiwan: P. League+ - Main
New Taipei KingsTaoyuan Pauian Pilots89:81 (48:37, 41:44)details28.03.2023
Formosa DreamersNew Taipei Kings92:79 (41:46, 51:33)details24.03.2023
Fubon BravesNew Taipei Kings90:97 (44:60, 46:37)details18.03.2023
New Taipei KingsFubon Braves95:106 (53:52, 42:54)details12.03.2023
New Taipei KingsFormosa Dreamers117:89 (68:46, 49:43)details11.03.2023
New Taipei KingsFormosa Dreamers111:105 (57:59, 54:46)details07.03.2023
Taoyuan Pauian PilotsNew Taipei Kings95:98 (50:62, 45:36)details04.03.2023
New Taipei KingsKaohsiung Steelers101:88 (44:44, 57:44)details28.02.2023
Taoyuan Pauian PilotsNew Taipei Kings73:77 (41:42, 32:35)details25.02.2023
Hsinchu Jko LioneersNew Taipei Kings85:102 (45:47, 40:55)details19.02.2023
Kaohsiung SteelersNew Taipei Kings102:109 (58:60, 44:49)details11.02.2023
Fubon BravesNew Taipei Kings111:109 (58:54, 53:55)details04.02.2023
Formosa DreamersNew Taipei Kings73:90 (37:42, 36:48)details29.01.2023
Hsinchu Jko LioneersNew Taipei Kings107:106 (66:52, 41:54)details14.01.2023
Hsinchu Jko LioneersNew Taipei Kings85:101 (46:51, 39:50)details07.01.2023
New Taipei KingsFubon Braves95:83 (48:40, 47:43)details01.01.2023
New Taipei KingsKaohsiung Steelers109:86 (52:37, 57:49)details31.12.2022
Formosa DreamersNew Taipei Kings90:99 (54:58, 36:41)details25.12.2022
Fubon BravesNew Taipei Kings101:106 (64:48, 37:58)details23.12.2022
Kaohsiung SteelersNew Taipei Kings89:100 (48:54, 41:46)details20.12.2022
Taoyuan Pauian PilotsNew Taipei Kings88:74 (43:41, 45:33)details17.12.2022
Fubon BravesNew Taipei Kings99:103 (54:45, 45:58)details10.12.2022
Kaohsiung SteelersNew Taipei Kings115:95 (65:49, 50:46)details04.12.2022
New Taipei KingsTaoyuan Pauian Pilots93:88 (44:42, 49:46)details02.12.2022
New Taipei KingsFormosa Dreamers82:102 (47:58, 35:44)details27.11.2022
New Taipei KingsFubon Braves104:89 (61:54, 43:35)details25.11.2022
Formosa DreamersNew Taipei Kings89:101 (42:51, 47:50)details19.11.2022
New Taipei KingsHsinchu Jko Lioneers113:78 (60:38, 53:40)details13.11.2022
New Taipei KingsTaoyuan Pauian Pilots104:91 (53:44, 51:47)details12.11.2022
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