Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen (Belgium)

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BelgiumBelgium: Belgian Cup - Main
Quarter-finals - 1st legLimburgMechelen    info21.01.2021 20:30
Quarter-finals - 2nd legMechelenLimburg    info24.01.2021 15:30
BelgiumBelgium: EuroMillions Basketball League - Main
Antwerp GiantsMechelen    info30.01.2021 20:00
Phoenix BrusselsMechelen    info07.02.2021 15:00
MechelenPhoenix Brussels    info13.02.2021 20:30
Phoenix BrusselsMechelen    info26.02.2021 20:30
MechelenOkapi Aalstar    info05.03.2021 20:30
Leuven BearsMechelen    info09.03.2021 20:30
MechelenAntwerp Giants    info12.03.2021 20:30
Spirou CharleroiMechelen    info14.03.2021 15:00
MechelenBelfius Mons    info26.03.2021 20:30
OostendeMechelen    info28.03.2021 18:00
MechelenLimburg    info02.04.2021 20:30
LiegeMechelen    info04.04.2021 15:00
OostendeMechelen    info09.04.2021 20:30
Okapi AalstarMechelen    info16.04.2021 20:30
Antwerp GiantsMechelen    info23.04.2021 20:00
MechelenSpirou Charleroi    info25.04.2021 15:00
Belfius MonsMechelen    info30.04.2021 20:30
MechelenOostende    info02.05.2021 15:00
LimburgMechelen    info07.05.2021 20:30
MechelenLiege    info09.05.2021 15:00
MechelenPhoenix Brussels    info14.05.2021 20:30
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