Maccabi Hod Hasharon (Israel)

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IsraelIsrael: Liga Leumit - Main
M. Hod HasharonH. Hevel ModiinPOSTP.  details12.01.2021
Maccabi Ramat GanM. Hod HasharonPOSTP.  details09.01.2021
M. Hod HasharonMaccabi Raanana84:104 (47:50, 37:54)details05.01.2021
Hapoel AcreM. Hod Hasharon71:83 (36:45, 35:38)details26.12.2020
M. Hod HasharonRamat Hasharon78:83 (32:41, 46:42)details23.12.2020
Elitzur AshkelonM. Hod Hasharon98:81 (44:48, 54:33)details08.12.2020
M. Hod HasharonElitzur Kiryat Ata75:78 (44:44, 31:34)details05.12.2020
Hapoel Ramat GanM. Hod Hasharon78:82 (53:35, 25:47)details01.12.2020
IsraelIsrael: Israel Cup - Main
1/16-finalsM. Hod HasharonHapoel Holon50:90 (22:44, 28:46)details26.11.2020
IsraelIsrael: Liga Leumit - Main
M. Hod HasharonH. Afula75:82 (33:44, 42:38)details24.11.2020
Maccabi AshdodM. Hod Hasharon70:74 (31:39, 39:35)details17.11.2020
M. Hod HasharonElitzur Maccabi NetanyaPOSTP.  details14.11.2020
Maccabi Kiryat MotzkinM. Hod HasharonPOSTP.  details10.11.2020
M. Hod HasharonElitzur YavnePOSTP.  details03.11.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
M. Hod HasharonElitzur Ashkelon66:70  details17.09.2020
H. Hevel ModiinM. Hod Hasharon81:69 (34:38, 47:31)details11.09.2020
IsraelIsrael: Liga Leumit - Main
H. AfulaM. Hod HasharonCAN.  details07.04.2020
M. Hod HasharonBnei HerzliyaCAN.  details31.03.2020
Ironi Kiryat AtaM. Hod HasharonCAN.  details24.03.2020
M. Hod HasharonElitzur Maccabi NetanyaCAN.  details17.03.2020
Elitzur AshkelonM. Hod Hasharon99:102 (52:50, 47:52)details12.03.2020
M. Hod HasharonElitzur Yavne98:92 (47:49, 51:43)details03.03.2020
Hapoel Ramat GanM. Hod Hasharon76:69 (33:33, 43:36)details25.02.2020
M. Hod HasharonRamat Hasharon92:99 (39:46, 53:53)details18.02.2020
Hapoel HaifaM. Hod Hasharon92:100 (41:58, 51:42)details11.02.2020
M. Hod HasharonMaccabi Raanana74:73 (34:41, 40:32)details04.02.2020
H. Hevel ModiinM. Hod Hasharon81:87 (39:44, 42:43)details01.02.2020
M. Hod HasharonGalil Elyon92:75 (49:37, 43:38)details28.01.2020
Maccabi Kiryat MotzkinM. Hod Hasharon94:78 (47:36, 47:42)details21.01.2020
M. Hod HasharonH. Afula88:101 (48:49, 40:52)details15.01.2020
Bnei HerzliyaM. Hod Hasharon81:76 (35:39, 46:37)details07.01.2020
M. Hod HasharonIroni Kiryat Ata98:112 (49:46, 49:66)details31.12.2019
Elitzur Maccabi NetanyaM. Hod Hasharon74:63 (26:33, 48:30)details24.12.2019
M. Hod HasharonElitzur Ashkelon85:73 (38:40, 47:33)details17.12.2019
Elitzur YavneM. Hod Hasharon76:89 (36:36, 40:53)details14.12.2019
M. Hod HasharonHapoel Ramat Gan105:82 (53:36, 52:46)details10.12.2019
Ramat HasharonM. Hod Hasharon75:89 (44:49, 31:40)details03.12.2019
M. Hod HasharonHapoel Haifa91:89 (41:54, 50:35)details26.11.2019
Maccabi RaananaM. Hod Hasharon84:93 (41:40, 43:53)details19.11.2019
M. Hod HasharonH. Hevel Modiin101:106 ET (46:38, 41:49, 14:19)details16.11.2019
Galil ElyonM. Hod Hasharon87:78 (47:33, 40:45)details05.11.2019
M. Hod HasharonMaccabi Kiryat Motzkin74:77 (31:47, 43:30)details29.10.2019
IsraelIsrael: Israel Cup - Main
1/16-finalsM. Hod HasharonMaccabi Haifa74:102 (46:55, 28:47)details22.10.2019
IsraelIsrael: Israel Cup - Main
1/8-finalsHapoel HolonM. Hod Hasharon91:77 (49:34, 42:43)details24.12.2017
1/16-finalsMigdal HaemekM. Hod Hasharon110:112 ET (43:35, 43:51, 24:26)details18.10.2017
IsraelIsrael: Israel Cup - Main
1/16-finalsM. Hod HasharonHapoel Eilat77:109 (40:46, 37:63)details06.10.2016
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
M. Hod HasharonHapoel Kfar Saba Kohav Yair92:79  details18.09.2016
IsraelIsrael: Israel Cup - Main
1/8-finalsHapoel Ramat GanM. Hod Hasharon104:98 ET (45:57, 47:35, 12:6)details24.12.2015
IsraelIsrael: Israel Cup - Main
1/8-finalsM. Hod HasharonGilboa Galil75:76 (45:33, 30:43)details25.12.2014
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