Luis Matte Larrain (Chile)

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ChileChile: Copa Chile - Main
Group B - 10. RoundSportiva ItalianaLuis Matte Larrain71:67 (40:33, 31:34)details27.11.2022
Group B - 9. RoundLuis Matte LarrainSergio Ceppi68:67 (37:32, 31:35)details19.11.2022
Group B - 8. RoundArabe ValparaisoLuis Matte Larrain53:69 (30:23, 23:46)details13.11.2022
Group B - 7. RoundLuis Matte LarrainCatolica46:59 (23:32, 23:27)details07.11.2022
Group B - 5. RoundLuis Matte LarrainSportiva Italiana61:80 (37:21, 24:59)details23.10.2022
Group B - 4. RoundSergio CeppiLuis Matte Larrain93:65 (50:25, 43:40)details16.10.2022
Group B - 3. RoundLuis Matte LarrainArabe Valparaiso79:87 ET (27:39, 46:34, 6:14)details08.10.2022
Group B - 2. RoundCatolicaLuis Matte Larrain108:30 (58:11, 50:19)details01.10.2022
ChileChile: LNB 2 - Main
ManquehueLuis Matte Larrain90:52 (46:29, 44:23)details31.07.2022
Luis Matte LarrainBoston C. C.43:77 (20:35, 23:42)details25.07.2022
Luis Matte LarrainSergio Ceppi63:65 (31:40, 32:25)details24.07.2022
Sportiva ItalianaLuis Matte Larrain98:61 (54:25, 44:36)details18.07.2022
BrisasLuis Matte Larrain81:53 (35:27, 46:26)details03.07.2022
Luis Matte LarrainStadio Italiano62:78 (26:41, 36:37)details26.06.2022
Luis Matte LarrainArabe Valparaiso76:71 (36:35, 40:36)details21.06.2022
Arabe ValparaisoLuis Matte Larrain61:51 (24:26, 37:25)details19.06.2022
Luis Matte LarrainManquehue69:77 ET (35:33, 28:30, 6:14)details12.06.2022
Sergio CeppiLuis Matte Larrain69:53 (35:23, 34:30)details05.06.2022
Luis Matte LarrainSportiva Italiana44:86 (17:39, 27:47)details29.05.2022
Boston C. C.Luis Matte Larrain74:44 (28:20, 46:24)details22.05.2022
Luis Matte LarrainBrisas73:46 (32:24, 41:22)details15.05.2022
Stadio ItalianoLuis Matte Larrain62:71 (32:34, 30:37)details08.05.2022
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