KFUM Kalmar (Sweden)

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SwedenSweden: Superettan - Play Offs
Semi-finals - 2nd legKFUM KalmarHogsbo75:68 (44:39, 31:29)details17.04.2022
Semi-finals - 1st legHogsboKFUM Kalmar86:74 (49:38, 37:36)details09.04.2022
Quarter-finals - 2nd legKFUM KalmarHelsingborg104:69 (50:33, 54:36)details03.04.2022
Quarter-finals - 1st legHelsingborgKFUM Kalmar75:79 (31:42, 44:37)details26.03.2022
SwedenSweden: Superettan - Main
AIK BasketKFUM Kalmar65:79 (30:42, 35:37)details12.03.2022
TrelleborgKFUM Kalmar77:70 (40:38, 37:32)details05.03.2022
KFUM KalmarHogsbo88:72 (42:25, 46:47)details27.02.2022
KFUM KalmarOckelbo76:67 (36:23, 40:44)details20.02.2022
KFUM KalmarUppsala61:76 (30:26, 31:50)details19.02.2022
IK EosKFUM Kalmar89:78 (49:55, 40:23)details13.02.2022
HelsingborgKFUM Kalmar75:90 (48:47, 27:43)details29.01.2022
KFUM KalmarWetterbygden Stars101:63 (54:29, 47:34)details08.01.2022
HogsboKFUM Kalmar93:88 (31:48, 62:40)details18.12.2021
KFUM KalmarRIG Mark113:73 (53:35, 60:38)details11.12.2021
NorrortKFUM Kalmar83:87 (46:41, 37:46)details04.12.2021
KFUM KalmarTrelleborg91:76 (44:47, 47:29)details20.11.2021
OckelboKFUM Kalmar48:81 (25:41, 23:40)details13.11.2021
KFUM KalmarIK Eos120:93 (69:44, 51:49)details06.11.2021
UppsalaKFUM Kalmar83:75 (49:44, 34:31)details30.10.2021
KFUM KalmarTeam4Q108:81 (55:42, 53:39)details23.10.2021
Wetterbygden StarsKFUM Kalmar77:84 (40:39, 37:45)details22.10.2021
KFUM KalmarAIK Basket86:59 (39:27, 47:32)details16.10.2021
KFUM KalmarHelsingborg104:64 (56:28, 48:36)details09.10.2021
RIG MarkKFUM Kalmar67:78 (31:43, 36:35)details03.10.2021
Team4QKFUM Kalmar73:85 (35:46, 38:39)details02.10.2021
KFUM KalmarNorrort104:96 ET (45:43, 45:47, 14:6)details25.09.2021
SwedenSweden: Superettan - Main
KFUM KalmarUppsalaCAN. details27.03.2021
Wetterbygden StarsKFUM KalmarCAN. details12.03.2021
KFUM KalmarIK EosCAN. details06.03.2021
HogsboKFUM KalmarCAN. details27.02.2021
AIK BasketKFUM KalmarCAN. details14.02.2021
AlvikKFUM KalmarCAN. details13.02.2021
Team4QKFUM KalmarCAN. details31.01.2021
TrelleborgKFUM KalmarCAN. details30.01.2021
KFUM KalmarTeam4QCAN. details23.01.2021
RIG MarkKFUM KalmarCAN. details16.01.2021
KFUM KalmarOckelboCAN. details09.01.2021
NorrortKFUM KalmarCAN. details06.01.2021
UppsalaKFUM KalmarCAN. details19.12.2020
KFUM KalmarWetterbygden StarsCAN. details05.12.2020
IK EosKFUM KalmarCAN. details28.11.2020
KFUM KalmarHogsboCAN. details08.11.2020
KFUM KalmarAlvikCAN. details07.11.2020
KFUM KalmarAIK Basket115:82 (54:39, 61:43)details01.11.2020
KFUM KalmarTrelleborg107:80 (51:36, 56:44)details24.10.2020
KFUM KalmarRIG Mark91:65 (43:32, 48:33)details10.10.2020
OckelboKFUM Kalmar82:93 ET (43:42, 32:33, 7:18)details03.10.2020
KFUM KalmarNorrort103:69 (56:45, 47:24)details27.09.2020
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