PBC CSKA Moscow (Russia)

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RussiaRussia: VTB United League - Play Offs
Final - 5th legUnics KazanCSKA Moscow55:66 (38:34, 17:32)details05.06.2024
Final - 4th legCSKA MoscowUnics Kazan80:96 (47:51, 33:45)details02.06.2024
Final - 3rd legCSKA MoscowUnics Kazan80:72 (33:32, 47:40)details31.05.2024
Final - 2nd legUnics KazanCSKA Moscow83:94 (39:48, 44:46)details28.05.2024
Final - 1st legUnics KazanCSKA Moscow95:96 (49:51, 46:45)details26.05.2024
Semi-finals - 6th legCSKA MoscowZenit Petersburg97:91 (55:48, 42:43)details19.05.2024
Semi-finals - 5th legZenit PetersburgCSKA Moscow73:99 (26:50, 47:49)details16.05.2024
Semi-finals - 4th legCSKA MoscowZenit Petersburg73:91 (38:50, 35:41)details12.05.2024
Semi-finals - 3rd legCSKA MoscowZenit Petersburg75:61 (37:25, 38:36)details10.05.2024
Semi-finals - 2nd legZenit PetersburgCSKA Moscow93:81 (46:37, 47:44)details07.05.2024
Semi-finals - 1st legZenit PetersburgCSKA Moscow67:82 (35:39, 32:43)details05.05.2024
Quarter-finals - 3rd legEniseyCSKA Moscow82:89 (35:47, 47:42)details27.04.2024
Quarter-finals - 2nd legCSKA MoscowEnisey88:85 (36:41, 52:44)details24.04.2024
Quarter-finals - 1st legCSKA MoscowEnisey96:68 (56:26, 40:42)details22.04.2024
RussiaRussia: VTB United League - Winners stage
Unics KazanCSKA Moscow88:78 (45:41, 43:37)details13.04.2024
EniseyCSKA Moscow86:81 (38:38, 48:43)details07.04.2024
CSKA MoscowLokomotiv Kuban86:73 (35:43, 51:30)details01.04.2024
CSKA MoscowZenit Petersburg91:92 (45:56, 46:36)details28.03.2024
CSKA MoscowEnisey65:74 (35:39, 30:35)details20.03.2024
CSKA MoscowParma Perm96:72 (37:35, 59:37)details16.03.2024
Lokomotiv KubanCSKA Moscow82:96 ET (32:42, 46:36, 4:18)details10.03.2024
CSKA MoscowUnics Kazan78:84 (42:38, 36:46)details05.03.2024
Zenit PetersburgCSKA Moscow81:71 (39:35, 42:36)details01.03.2024
Parma PermCSKA Moscow84:80 (45:33, 39:47)details11.02.2024
RussiaRussia: VTB United League - Main
CSKA MoscowUnics Kazan73:83 (42:34, 31:49)details04.02.2024
MBA MoscowCSKA Moscow52:88 (24:43, 28:45)details27.01.2024
CSKA MoscowNizhny Novgorod104:96 ET (45:49, 47:43, 12:4)details24.01.2024
CSKA MoscowUralmash Ekaterinburg88:70 (53:49, 35:21)details21.01.2024
CSKA MoscowRuna Basket Moscow89:79 (42:43, 47:36)details18.01.2024
Lokomotiv KubanCSKA Moscow89:85 (44:53, 45:32)details13.01.2024
SamaraCSKA Moscow82:92 (47:40, 35:52)details07.01.2024
MinskCSKA Moscow83:97 (40:52, 43:45)details25.12.2023
Parma PermCSKA Moscow82:78 (43:45, 39:33)details20.12.2023
CSKA MoscowSaratov96:66 (46:43, 50:23)details16.12.2023
CSKA MoscowZenit Petersburg104:89 ET (46:44, 36:38, 22:7)details10.12.2023
EniseyCSKA Moscow75:80 (38:32, 37:48)details06.12.2023
AstanaCSKA Moscow78:112 (37:62, 41:50)details03.12.2023
Nizhny NovgorodCSKA Moscow72:74 (42:36, 30:38)details26.11.2023
Unics KazanCSKA Moscow66:79 (30:41, 36:38)details23.11.2023
Runa Basket MoscowCSKA Moscow74:80 (35:46, 39:34)details18.11.2023
CSKA MoscowLokomotiv Kuban88:91 (40:51, 48:40)details12.11.2023
CSKA MoscowSamara94:76 (50:40, 44:36)details08.11.2023
Uralmash EkaterinburgCSKA Moscow73:86 (40:40, 33:46)details03.11.2023
CSKA MoscowAstana96:66 (47:38, 49:28)details28.10.2023
CSKA MoscowMinsk112:84 (59:49, 53:35)details25.10.2023
SaratovCSKA Moscow73:85 (34:50, 39:35)details21.10.2023
CSKA MoscowParma Perm77:76 (43:35, 34:41)details15.10.2023
Zenit PetersburgCSKA Moscow76:80 (34:43, 42:37)details08.10.2023
CSKA MoscowEnisey73:64 (38:24, 35:40)details03.10.2023
CSKA MoscowMBA Moscow76:72 (45:33, 31:39)details30.09.2023
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