Sleza Wroclaw (Poland)

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PolandPoland: Energa Basket Liga Women - Main
16. RoundAZS Poznan WSleza Wroclaw W81:80 ET (43:37, 31:37, 7:6)details17.01.2021
15. RoundGTK Gdynia WSleza Wroclaw W59:109 (32:47, 27:62)details09.01.2021
13. RoundTorun WSleza Wroclaw W68:63 (33:27, 35:36)details06.01.2021
11. RoundSleza Wroclaw WLublin W72:78 (35:26, 37:52)details13.12.2020
10. RoundGorzow WSleza Wroclaw W72:63 (31:40, 41:23)details05.12.2020
7. RoundPolkowice WSleza Wroclaw W89:51 (46:30, 43:21)details02.12.2020
9. RoundSleza Wroclaw WArka Gdynia W60:78 (28:43, 32:35)details25.11.2020
8. RoundArtego Bydgoszcz WSleza Wroclaw W73:71 (28:43, 45:28)details22.11.2020
6. RoundPolitech. Gdanska WSleza Wroclaw W80:73 (48:32, 32:41)details31.10.2020
1. RoundSosnowiec WSleza Wroclaw W79:76 (37:44, 42:32)details28.10.2020
5. RoundSleza Wroclaw WAZS Poznan W84:79 (49:34, 35:45)details24.10.2020
4. RoundSleza Wroclaw WGTK Gdynia W79:57 (37:28, 42:29)details17.10.2020
2. RoundSleza Wroclaw WTorun W84:59 (30:24, 54:35)details07.10.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly Women - Main
Sleza Wroclaw WPolkowice W62:82 (34:40, 28:42)details27.09.2020
Sleza Wroclaw WArtego Bydgoszcz W73:80 (29:39, 44:41)details25.09.2020
Trutnov WSleza Wroclaw WCAN.  details17.09.2020
PolandPoland: Energa Basket Liga Women - Main
22. RoundSleza Wroclaw WPolitech. Gdanska WCAN.  details14.03.2020
21. RoundSleza Wroclaw WLublin W81:68 (39:44, 42:24)details08.03.2020
20. RoundArka Gdynia WSleza Wroclaw W73:42 (36:22, 37:20)details04.03.2020
19. RoundSleza Wroclaw WUniw. Gdanski W97:92 (49:38, 48:54)details29.02.2020
18. RoundPolkowice WSleza Wroclaw W84:76 (42:32, 42:44)details23.02.2020
17. RoundSleza Wroclaw WGorzow W65:75 (34:34, 31:41)details16.02.2020
16. RoundTorun WSleza Wroclaw W64:81 (38:37, 26:44)details01.02.2020
15. RoundSleza Wroclaw WArtego Bydgoszcz W68:75 (29:43, 39:32)details26.01.2020
12. RoundSleza Wroclaw WWisla Can-Pack W54:48 (29:27, 25:21)details16.01.2020
14. RoundAZS Poznan WSleza Wroclaw W41:72 (24:33, 17:39)details11.01.2020
13. RoundSleza Wroclaw WWidzew Lodz W67:70 (31:30, 36:40)details05.01.2020
11. RoundPolitech. Gdanska WSleza Wroclaw W54:67 (30:35, 24:32)details14.12.2019
7. RoundSleza Wroclaw WPolkowice W76:70 (44:35, 32:35)details11.12.2019
10. RoundLublin WSleza Wroclaw W61:56 (29:31, 32:25)details07.12.2019
9. RoundSleza Wroclaw WArka Gdynia W58:63 (32:36, 26:27)details01.12.2019
8. RoundUniw. Gdanski WSleza Wroclaw W55:77 (30:41, 25:36)details23.11.2019
1. RoundWisla Can-Pack WSleza Wroclaw W71:69 (37:28, 34:41)details07.11.2019
6. RoundGorzow WSleza Wroclaw W63:71 (39:39, 24:32)details03.11.2019
5. RoundSleza Wroclaw WTorun W83:40 (35:29, 48:11)details27.10.2019
4. RoundArtego Bydgoszcz WSleza Wroclaw W81:59 (48:27, 33:32)details20.10.2019
3. RoundSleza Wroclaw WAZS Poznan W78:43 (34:23, 44:20)details13.10.2019
2. RoundWidzew Lodz WSleza Wroclaw W53:70 (30:43, 23:27)details09.10.2019
WorldWorld: Club Friendly Women - Main
Sleza Wroclaw WUniw. Gdanski W88:53 (47:22, 41:31)details28.09.2019
Lublin WSleza Wroclaw W35:37  details15.09.2019
Sleza Wroclaw WWidzew Lodz W69:61 ET (27:28, 30:29, 12:4)details13.09.2019
PolandPoland: Energa Basket Liga Women - Play Offs
3rd place - 3rd legArka Gdynia WSleza Wroclaw W65:60 (37:20, 28:40)details29.04.2019
3rd place - 2nd legSleza Wroclaw WArka Gdynia W74:57 (39:31, 35:26)details26.04.2019
3rd place - 1st legArka Gdynia WSleza Wroclaw W71:52 (40:23, 31:29)details23.04.2019
Semi-finals - 4th legGorzow WSleza Wroclaw W82:56 (42:23, 40:33)details18.04.2019
Semi-finals - 3rd legGorzow WSleza Wroclaw W61:63 (35:35, 26:28)details17.04.2019
Semi-finals - 2nd legSleza Wroclaw WGorzow W65:72 (30:39, 35:33)details14.04.2019
Semi-finals - 1st legSleza Wroclaw WGorzow W76:89 (46:48, 30:41)details13.04.2019
Quarter-finals - 4th legSleza Wroclaw WArtego Bydgoszcz W77:70 (45:31, 32:39)details07.04.2019
Quarter-finals - 3rd legSleza Wroclaw WArtego Bydgoszcz W62:78 (32:34, 30:44)details06.04.2019
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