Fort Wayne Mad Ants (USA)

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USAUSA: NBA G League - Main
WestchesterFort Wayne Mad Ants99:117 (53:66, 46:51)details03.04.2022
WestchesterFort Wayne Mad Ants131:110 (58:59, 73:51)details01.04.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsCapital City Go-Go130:121 (57:53, 73:68)details30.03.2022
Maine CelticsFort Wayne Mad Ants110:107 (44:44, 66:63)details27.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsMotor City Cruise111:113 (57:69, 54:44)details26.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsMotor City Cruise115:113 (60:58, 55:55)details24.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsLong Island Nets100:80 (50:43, 50:37)details22.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsLong Island Nets116:108 ET (57:53, 49:53, 10:2)details20.03.2022
Raptors 905Fort Wayne Mad Ants131:106 (69:57, 62:49)details17.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsCleveland Charge110:99 (47:50, 63:49)details13.03.2022
Greensboro SwarmFort Wayne Mad Ants113:126 (58:68, 55:58)details11.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsWindy City Bulls131:127 ET (69:59, 49:59, 13:9)details08.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsWindy City Bulls116:108 (57:56, 59:52)details06.03.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsLakeland Magic130:137 (50:73, 80:64)details05.03.2022
Lakeland MagicFort Wayne Mad Ants122:111 (60:55, 62:56)details27.02.2022
Delaware Blue CoatsFort Wayne Mad Ants130:108 (58:49, 72:59)details25.02.2022
Cleveland ChargeFort Wayne Mad Ants110:133 (66:79, 44:54)details24.02.2022
Motor City CruiseFort Wayne Mad Ants132:120 (55:67, 77:53)details18.02.2022
College Park SkyhawksFort Wayne Mad Ants128:137 (64:75, 64:62)details15.02.2022
College Park SkyhawksFort Wayne Mad Ants97:112 (63:62, 34:50)details13.02.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsDelaware Blue Coats121:134 (61:50, 60:84)details10.02.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsDelaware Blue Coats117:129 (69:74, 48:55)details08.02.2022
Wisconsin HerdFort Wayne Mad Ants110:113 (66:57, 44:56)details06.02.2022
Capital City Go-GoFort Wayne Mad Ants106:117 (64:59, 42:58)details05.02.2022
Capital City Go-GoFort Wayne Mad Ants126:121 (61:53, 65:68)details03.02.2022
Windy City BullsFort Wayne Mad Ants104:102 (58:53, 46:49)details30.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsMaine Celtics126:138 (66:69, 60:69)details27.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsMaine Celtics130:129 ET (63:69, 62:56, 5:4)details25.01.2022
Grand Rapids GoldFort Wayne Mad Ants124:122 (75:54, 49:68)details23.01.2022
Long Island NetsFort Wayne Mad Ants113:112 (65:63, 48:49)details21.01.2022
Long Island NetsFort Wayne Mad Ants115:125 (63:60, 52:65)details20.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsWestchester132:104 (66:49, 66:55)details16.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsRaptors 90599:114 (47:50, 52:64)details08.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsRaptors 90594:103 (43:60, 51:43)details07.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsGreensboro SwarmCAN. details02.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsGrand Rapids GoldCAN. details01.01.2022
Fort Wayne Mad AntsWisconsin HerdCAN. details30.12.2021
Fort Wayne Mad AntsCollege Park SkyhawksCAN. details27.12.2021
USAUSA: NBA G League - Main
Greensboro SwarmFort Wayne Mad Ants107:111 (49:64, 58:47)details05.03.2021
Fort Wayne Mad AntsCleveland Charge94:99 (46:54, 48:45)details04.03.2021
Salt Lake City StarsFort Wayne Mad Ants109:93 (50:43, 59:50)details03.03.2021
Lakeland MagicFort Wayne Mad Ants101:98 (56:51, 45:47)details28.02.2021
Fort Wayne Mad AntsAgua Caliente Clippers109:108 (58:67, 51:41)details26.02.2021
Long Island NetsFort Wayne Mad Ants95:109 (57:54, 38:55)details25.02.2021
Fort Wayne Mad AntsBirmingham Squadron103:106 (44:51, 59:55)details24.02.2021
Raptors 905Fort Wayne Mad Ants117:122 ET (64:68, 49:45, 4:9)details22.02.2021
Fort Wayne Mad AntsIowa Wolves98:93 ET (40:48, 49:41, 9:4)details20.02.2021
Santa Cruz WarriorsFort Wayne Mad Ants113:109 (49:57, 64:52)details18.02.2021
Fort Wayne Mad AntsOklahoma City Blue105:112 (43:52, 62:60)details17.02.2021
Austin Toros SpursFort Wayne Mad Ants116:111 (53:55, 63:56)details15.02.2021
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