Esperides Kalliotheas (Greece)

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GreeceGreece: A1 Women - Main
12. RoundKronos WEsperides Kalliotheas WPOSTP.  details17.01.2021
11. RoundEleftheria WEsperides Kalliotheas WPOSTP.  details10.01.2021
10. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WSporting Athens WPOSTP.  details30.12.2020
9. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WLefkadas WPOSTP.  details20.12.2020
8. RoundOlympiacos WEsperides Kalliotheas WPOSTP.  details12.12.2020
7. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WPAOK WPOSTP.  details06.12.2020
6. RoundEFAO Zografou WEsperides Kalliotheas WPOSTP.  details29.11.2020
5. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WChania WPOSTP.  details22.11.2020
4. RoundPanathinaikos WEsperides Kalliotheas WPOSTP.  details04.11.2020
3. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WDafni W78:68 (36:24, 42:44)details01.11.2020
2. RoundGiannina WEsperides Kalliotheas W93:75 (43:33, 50:42)details25.10.2020
1. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WKronos W79:82 (44:50, 35:32)details18.10.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly Women - Main
Eleftheria WEsperides Kalliotheas W79:68 (22:36, 57:32)details27.09.2020
Esperides Kalliotheas WOlympiacos W59:82 (28:41, 31:41)details26.09.2020
Esperides Kalliotheas WGiannina W72:65 (34:30, 38:35)details25.09.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
Esperides Kalliotheas WIlioupolis W67:43 (39:16, 28:27)details16.09.2020
GreeceGreece: A1 Women - Main
22. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WGiannina WCAN.  details29.03.2020
21. RoundOlympiacos WEsperides Kalliotheas WCAN.  details14.03.2020
20. RoundLefkadas WEsperides Kalliotheas W79:69 (43:33, 36:36)details08.03.2020
19. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WSporting Athens W74:71 (39:42, 35:29)details01.03.2020
18. RoundChania WEsperides Kalliotheas W87:57 (58:20, 29:37)details23.02.2020
17. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WPAOK W83:79 ET (43:38, 31:36, 9:5)details16.02.2020
16. RoundPanathinaikos WEsperides Kalliotheas W73:60 (36:34, 37:26)details09.02.2020
15. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WDafni W69:64 ET (24:29, 34:29, 11:6)details02.02.2020
14. RoundEleftheria WEsperides Kalliotheas W74:54 (35:29, 39:25)details26.01.2020
13. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WMelission W48:56 (23:33, 25:23)details19.01.2020
12. RoundKronos WEsperides Kalliotheas W66:84 (26:48, 40:36)details12.01.2020
11. RoundGiannina WEsperides Kalliotheas W77:69 (43:35, 34:34)details05.01.2020
10. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WOlympiacos W49:103 (17:45, 32:58)details22.12.2019
9. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WLefkadas W83:76 (38:37, 45:39)details15.12.2019
8. RoundSporting Athens WEsperides Kalliotheas W58:65 (24:36, 34:29)details08.12.2019
7. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WChania W61:73 (30:36, 31:37)details01.12.2019
6. RoundPAOK WEsperides Kalliotheas W71:62 (30:22, 41:40)details24.11.2019
5. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WPanathinaikos W65:70 (35:35, 30:35)details09.11.2019
4. RoundDafni WEsperides Kalliotheas W85:55 (47:25, 38:30)details03.11.2019
3. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WEleftheria W67:61 (30:31, 37:30)details27.10.2019
2. RoundMelission WEsperides Kalliotheas W76:60 (43:32, 33:28)details20.10.2019
1. RoundEsperides Kalliotheas WKronos W96:52 (49:27, 47:25)details13.10.2019
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