NPB 2016 

Next matches
Hanshin Tigers - Yomiuri Giants  17FIN 6:0
Hiroshima Carp - Yakult Swallows  1901.10.2016 11:00
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Orix Buffaloes  1801.10.2016 11:00
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Fukuoka S. Hawks     02.10.2016 07:00
Chiba Lotte Marines - Rakuten Gold. Eagles     04.10.2016 11:15
Chiba Lotte Marines - Rakuten Gold. Eagles     05.10.2016 11:15
Results - last month:
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Rakuten Gold. Eagles8:230.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yomiuri Giants2:130.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Chiba Lotte Marines3:130.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Rakuten Gold. Eagles2:1029.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Yakult Swallows6:1129.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Hiroshima Carp3:529.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Fukuoka S. Hawks5:1028.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Rakuten Gold. Eagles6:528.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Nippon Ham Fighters0:128.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Yokohama Baystars6:528.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons3:228.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Fukuoka S. Hawks2:327.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yakult Swallows4:327.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Rakuten Gold. Eagles10:327.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Nippon Ham Fighters3:027.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons5:127.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Fukuoka S. Hawks3:226.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Nippon Ham Fighters3:426.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Orix Buffaloes0:225.09.2016
Chunichi Dragons - Hanshin Tigers1:425.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Rakuten Gold. Eagles2:125.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Fukuoka S. Hawks7:525.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Orix Buffaloes4:324.09.2016
Chunichi Dragons - Hanshin Tigers0:224.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Yakult Swallows5:024.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Rakuten Gold. Eagles4:124.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Fukuoka S. Hawks3:424.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Yomiuri Giants6:524.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Rakuten Gold. Eagles2:423.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Fukuoka S. Hawks0:823.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Yokohama Baystars4:1223.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Nippon Ham Fighters2:522.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Hanshin Tigers1:422.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Seibu Lions3:522.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons4:322.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Rakuten Gold. Eagles2:021.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Nippon Ham Fighters1:221.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Seibu Lions5:221.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons5:221.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Seibu Lions1:1120.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Orix Buffaloes3:319.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yomiuri Giants4:119.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Chiba Lotte Marines3:119.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Rakuten Gold. Eagles5:219.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Hiroshima Carp3:119.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Orix Buffaloes8:518.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Chiba Lotte Marines4:218.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Rakuten Gold. Eagles2:1018.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Chunichi Dragons1:818.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Hiroshima Carp6:318.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Orix Buffaloes6:317.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yokohama Baystars3:617.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Chunichi Dragons3:517.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Chiba Lotte Marines14:617.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Rakuten Gold. Eagles3:117.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Yakult Swallows2:517.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yokohama Baystars2:116.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Chunichi Dragons8:016.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Yakult Swallows6:416.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yokohama Baystars6:815.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Yomiuri Giants5:015.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Orix Buffaloes1:515.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Chiba Lotte Marines0:315.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Seibu Lions1:214.09.2016
Chunichi Dragons - Yomiuri Giants5:414.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Hiroshima Carp4:614.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Orix Buffaloes1:1114.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Fukuoka S. Hawks0:1314.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Yokohama Baystars3:214.09.2016
Chunichi Dragons - Hiroshima Carp0:413.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Orix Buffaloes4:213.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Yokohama Baystars3:1113.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Orix Buffaloes11:212.09.2016
Chunichi Dragons - Yokohama Baystars4:211.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Seibu Lions8:511.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Chiba Lotte Marines4:311.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Nippon Ham Fighters9:411.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Hanshin Tigers0:511.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Hiroshima Carp8:011.09.2016
Chunichi Dragons - Yokohama Baystars0:110.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Seibu Lions2:710.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Nippon Ham Fighters4:710.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Hanshin Tigers9:110.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Hiroshima Carp4:610.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Fukuoka S. Hawks4:309.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Nippon Ham Fighters2:809.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Chiba Lotte Marines8:109.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Yomiuri Giants2:509.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yomiuri Giants1:308.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Chunichi Dragons7:408.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Fukuoka S. Hawks4:208.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Chiba Lotte Marines2:808.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Yakult Swallows3:508.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Orix Buffaloes2:107.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yomiuri Giants2:307.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Chunichi Dragons5:007.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Chiba Lotte Marines4:407.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Seibu Lions1:1407.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Yakult Swallows7:307.09.2016
Fukuoka S. Hawks - Orix Buffaloes1:206.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yomiuri Giants2:406.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Chunichi Dragons4:106.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Seibu Lions7:406.09.2016
Yokohama Baystars - Yakult Swallows6:106.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Seibu Lions2:404.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yokohama Baystars3:104.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Nippon Ham Fighters7:704.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Fukuoka S. Hawks5:104.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Hiroshima Carp3:404.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons3:504.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Seibu Lions9:803.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yokohama Baystars2:303.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Nippon Ham Fighters4:1203.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Fukuoka S. Hawks1:703.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Hiroshima Carp3:103.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons1:503.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Seibu Lions1:102.09.2016
Hanshin Tigers - Yokohama Baystars3:502.09.2016
Orix Buffaloes - Nippon Ham Fighters5:202.09.2016
Rakuten Gold. Eagles - Fukuoka S. Hawks6:802.09.2016
Yakult Swallows - Hiroshima Carp2:502.09.2016
Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons7:802.09.2016
Chiba Lotte Marines - Orix Buffaloes6:401.09.2016
Hiroshima Carp - Yokohama Baystars6:501.09.2016
Nippon Ham Fighters - Rakuten Gold. Eagles8:001.09.2016
Seibu Lions - Fukuoka S. Hawks2:901.09.2016
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