Orlando City Soccer Club (USA)

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USAUSA: USL League One - Main
Orlando City BGreenville1:4 (0:2, 1:2)details24.10.2020
Orlando City BRichmond Kickers1:3 (1:1, 0:2)details21.10.2020
TucsonOrlando City B2:0 (1:0, 1:0)details18.10.2020
Orlando City BChattanooga Red WolvesPOSTP.  details10.10.2020
Richmond KickersOrlando City B2:1 (2:0, 0:1)details08.10.2020
Union OmahaOrlando City BCAN.  details04.10.2020
GreenvilleOrlando City B2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details03.10.2020
Orlando City BNew England II0:1 (0:0, 0:1)details26.09.2020
Orlando City BToronto FC IICAN.  details25.09.2020
Orlando City BGreenvilleCAN.  details19.09.2020
Orlando City BForward MadisonCAN.  details16.09.2020
Fort LauderdaleOrlando City B2:0 (1:0, 1:0)details13.09.2020
TormentaOrlando City BCAN.  details12.09.2020
Union OmahaOrlando City B1:0 (1:0, 0:0)details07.09.2020
Orlando City BNorth Texas1:1 (1:1, 0:0)details04.09.2020
Orlando City BNew England IICAN.  details29.08.2020
Orlando City BTormenta1:1 (0:1, 1:0)details29.08.2020
Forward MadisonOrlando City B3:1 (1:1, 2:0)details23.08.2020
Chattanooga Red WolvesOrlando City BCAN.  details23.08.2020
Orlando City BTucson1:4 (1:4, 0:0)details19.08.2020
Orlando City BTucsonCAN.  details15.08.2020
Orlando City BFort Lauderdale1:1 (1:1, 0:0)details15.08.2020
New England IIOrlando City B0:2 (0:0, 0:2)details08.08.2020
TormentaOrlando City B2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details02.08.2020
Toronto FC IIOrlando City BCAN.  details31.07.2020
Orlando City BUnion OmahaCAN.  details03.07.2020
Chattanooga Red WolvesOrlando City BCAN.  details24.05.2020
North TexasOrlando City BCAN.  details05.04.2020
USAUSA: USL League One - Main
Richmond KickersOrlando City B2:0 (2:0, 0:0)details06.10.2019
GreenvilleOrlando City B0:1 (0:0, 0:1)details28.09.2019
Chattanooga Red WolvesOrlando City B2:1 (1:1, 1:0)details22.09.2019
Toronto FC IIOrlando City B3:2 (1:1, 2:1)details13.09.2019
Orlando City BNorth Texas1:3 (0:1, 1:2)details07.09.2019
TucsonOrlando City B3:1 (2:0, 1:1)details25.08.2019
Orlando City BLansing1:2 (0:1, 1:1)details17.08.2019
LansingOrlando City B3:0 (2:0, 1:0)details04.08.2019
Forward MadisonOrlando City B1:0 (0:0, 1:0)details28.07.2019
Orlando City BTormenta1:4 (1:3, 0:1)details25.07.2019
Richmond KickersOrlando City B1:0 (0:0, 1:0)details21.07.2019
GreenvilleOrlando City B1:0 (0:0, 1:0)details14.07.2019
Orlando City BChattanooga Red Wolves1:1 (0:1, 1:0)details11.07.2019
Orlando City BGreenville0:2 (0:1, 0:1)details29.06.2019
LansingOrlando City B2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details23.06.2019
TormentaOrlando City B2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details16.06.2019
Orlando City BTucson1:2 (0:2, 1:0)details13.06.2019
Orlando City BForward Madison2:1 (1:0, 1:1)details08.06.2019
TucsonOrlando City B2:2 (0:1, 2:1)details01.06.2019
Orlando City BRichmond Kickers3:2 (2:1, 1:1)details23.05.2019
Orlando City BToronto FC II2:0 (1:0, 1:0)details18.05.2019
North TexasOrlando City B4:1 (0:0, 4:1)details11.05.2019
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