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Malanti Chiefs Pigg's Peak Football Club (Eswatini)

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EswatiniEswatini: Swazi MTN Premier League - Main
2. RoundManzini Sea BirdsMalanti Chiefs1:1  details20.12.2020
1. RoundMalanti ChiefsTinyosi0:2  details13.12.2020
EswatiniEswatini: Swazi MTN Premier League - Main
Manzini Sea BirdsMalanti ChiefsCAN.  details07.03.2020
Malanti ChiefsMhlume1:0  details29.02.2020
Malanti ChiefsBlack Swallows3:0  details01.02.2020
Moneni PiratesMalanti Chiefs4:0  details25.01.2020
Malanti ChiefsMilling Hotspurs0:1  details04.01.2020
Malanti ChiefsGreen Mamba1:4  details21.12.2019
Mbabane SwallowsMalanti Chiefs2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details07.12.2019
Malanti ChiefsTambuti2:0  details30.11.2019
Malanti ChiefsManzini Wanderers3:0 AWA.  details02.11.2019
DenverMalanti Chiefs1:0  details25.10.2019
Mbabane HighlandersMalanti Chiefs2:1 (1:1, 1:0)details12.10.2019
MhlumeMalanti Chiefs2:0  details06.10.2019
Malanti ChiefsRoyal Leopards0:2  details28.09.2019
Young BuffaloesMalanti Chiefs2:0  details24.09.2019
Malanti ChiefsManzini Sea Birds0:1  details14.09.2019
Malanti ChiefsMilling Hotspurs1:0  details27.08.2019
Malanti ChiefsMoneni Pirates0:2  details20.08.2019
Black SwallowsMalanti Chiefs3:1  details17.08.2019
EswatiniEswatini: Swazi MTN Premier League - Main
TambutiMalanti Chiefs0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details18.05.2019
Malanti ChiefsManzini Sea Birds0:2  details15.05.2019
Malanti ChiefsYoung Buffaloes1:1  details08.05.2019
Malanti ChiefsGreen Mamba0:1  details05.05.2019
Malanti ChiefsManzini Sundowns6:0  details30.03.2019
Malanti ChiefsManzini Wanderers0:0  details27.03.2019
Moneni PiratesMalanti Chiefs0:0  details06.03.2019
Malanti ChiefsVovovo2:2  details23.02.2019
Matsapha UnitedMalanti Chiefs1:1  details20.02.2019
Mbabane HighlandersMalanti Chiefs0:1  details16.02.2019
Malanti ChiefsRoyal Leopards0:2  details26.01.2019
Malanti ChiefsMbabane Swallows0:2  details15.01.2019
Malanti ChiefsMbabane Citizens0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details12.01.2019
Mbabane CitizensMalanti Chiefs2:2  details08.12.2018
VovovoMalanti Chiefs2:1  details02.12.2018
Mbabane SwallowsMalanti Chiefs0:1  details23.11.2018
Green MambaMalanti Chiefs0:1  details11.11.2018
Malanti ChiefsTambuti1:1  details06.11.2018
Manzini Sea BirdsMalanti Chiefs2:2  details03.11.2018
Young BuffaloesMalanti Chiefs1:0  details28.10.2018
Malanti ChiefsMatsapha United1:0  details23.10.2018
Malanti ChiefsMoneni Pirates2:2  details20.10.2018
Manzini WanderersMalanti Chiefs2:0  details29.09.2018
Manzini SundownsMalanti Chiefs0:1  details23.09.2018
Malanti ChiefsMbabane Highlanders1:2  details20.09.2018
Royal LeopardsMalanti Chiefs4:0  details15.09.2018
EswatiniEswatini: MTN Premier League - Main
Manzini WanderersMalanti Chiefs1:2  details13.05.2018
Matsapha UnitedMalanti Chiefs1:2  details28.04.2018
Malanti ChiefsMbabane Swallows1:4  details25.04.2018
Malanti ChiefsMoneni Pirates2:1  details02.04.2018
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