Green Mamba FC (Eswatini)

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EswatiniEswatini: Swazi MTN Premier League - Main
30. RoundGreen MambaManzini Wanderers2:2 (1:0, 1:2)details05.06.2022
29. RoundMbabane HighlandersGreen Mamba2:1 details29.05.2022
28. RoundGreen MambaRangers FC1:1 details19.05.2022
27. RoundGreen MambaManzini Sea Birds1:1 details15.05.2022
26. RoundGreen MambaMoneni Pirates1:2 details11.05.2022
25. RoundYoung BuffaloesGreen Mamba1:1 details04.05.2022
24. RoundMalanti ChiefsGreen Mamba1:2 details30.04.2022
23. RoundGreen MambaTinyosi0:1 details23.04.2022
22. RoundVovovoGreen Mamba1:2 details19.04.2022
21. RoundMilling HotspursGreen Mamba1:2 details15.04.2022
20. RoundGreen MambaTambankulu1:3 (0:1, 1:2)details09.04.2022
19. RoundGreen MambaTambuti2:2 details03.04.2022
18. RoundRoyal LeopardsGreen Mamba2:2 details30.03.2022
17. RoundDenverGreen Mamba2:0 details16.03.2022
16. RoundMbabane SwallowsGreen Mamba2:1 (0:1, 2:0)details05.03.2022
15. RoundManzini Sea BirdsGreen Mamba1:2 (1:1, 0:1)details16.02.2022
14. RoundGreen MambaYoung Buffaloes1:4 details06.02.2022
13. RoundGreen MambaDenver1:0 details30.01.2022
12. RoundManzini WanderersGreen Mamba1:1 details23.01.2022
11. RoundRangers FCGreen Mamba1:1 details16.01.2022
10. RoundGreen MambaMalanti Chiefs2:2 details09.01.2022
7. RoundGreen MambaVovovo1:3 details05.01.2022
9. RoundTambutiGreen Mamba0:1 details01.01.2022
8. RoundMoneni PiratesGreen Mamba2:1 details29.12.2021
6. RoundGreen MambaRoyal Leopards1:3 details11.12.2021
5. RoundGreen MambaMbabane Highlanders2:4 details04.12.2021
4. RoundTambankuluGreen Mamba0:1 details27.11.2021
3. RoundTinyosiGreen Mamba1:3 details21.11.2021
2. RoundGreen MambaMbabane Swallows1:0 (1:0, 0:0)details13.11.2021
1. RoundGreen MambaMilling Hotspurs0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details06.11.2021
EswatiniEswatini: Swazi MTN Premier League - Main
30. RoundGreen MambaDenver3:0 details11.08.2021
29. RoundMhlumeGreen Mamba1:2 details07.08.2021
28. RoundGreen MambaBlack Swallows3:1 details04.08.2021
27. RoundGreen MambaMalanti Chiefs0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details31.07.2021
25. RoundYoung BuffaloesGreen Mamba2:1 details28.07.2021
26. RoundGreen MambaTambuti0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details25.07.2021
24. RoundMbabane SwallowsGreen Mamba3:2 details22.07.2021
23. RoundGreen MambaManzini Wanderers1:1 details26.06.2021
22. RoundGreen MambaManzini Sea Birds2:0 details23.06.2021
21. RoundGreen MambaTinyosi1:0 details20.06.2021
20. RoundTambankuluGreen Mamba0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details16.06.2021
19. RoundGreen MambaRoyal Leopards0:1 details13.06.2021
18. RoundMilling HotspursGreen Mamba1:1 details10.06.2021
17. RoundMoneni PiratesGreen Mamba0:2 (0:2, 0:0)details29.05.2021
16. RoundMbabane HighlandersGreen Mamba2:1 details27.05.2021
15. RoundGreen MambaMoneni Pirates2:1 details22.05.2021
14. RoundManzini Sea BirdsGreen Mamba1:1 details16.05.2021
2. RoundRoyal LeopardsGreen Mamba2:0 details12.05.2021
13. RoundGreen MambaMhlume2:1 details09.05.2021
12. RoundBlack SwallowsGreen Mamba2:0 details05.05.2021
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