Fokikos FC (Greece)

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GreeceGreece: Gamma Ethniki - Group 4 - Main
13. RoundFokikos FCAtalantiPOSTP.  details17.01.2021
12. RoundDimitra EfxeinoupolisFokikos FCPOSTP.  details10.01.2021
10. RoundNea ArtakiFokikos FCPOSTP.  details13.12.2020
9. RoundFokikos FCDia. StefanovikPOSTP.  details06.12.2020
8. RoundOpountios MartinouFokikos FCPOSTP.  details29.11.2020
7. RoundFokikos FCAmvrysseasPOSTP.  details22.11.2020
6. RoundGS AlmyrosFokikos FCPOSTP.  details15.11.2020
5. RoundFokikos FCThiseas AgriaPOSTP.  details08.11.2020
4. RoundPsachnaFokikos FC2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details01.11.2020
3. RoundFokikos FCIpato1:1  details25.10.2020
2. RoundAtalantiFokikos FC0:1 (0:0, 0:1)details18.10.2020
1. RoundFokikos FCDimitra Efxeinoupolis1:0 (1:0, 0:0)details11.10.2020
GreeceGreece: Gamma Ethniki - Group 4 - Main
Group 4Fokikos FCSellana1:1  details14.04.2019
Group 4Fokikos FCKarditsa3:0 AWA.  details07.04.2019
Group 4O. VolosFokikos FC6:1  details31.03.2019
Group 4Fokikos FCAsteras Itea1:1 (1:1, 0:0)details24.03.2019
Group 4Apollon MakrychoriFokikos FC3:4  details17.03.2019
Group 4Fokikos FCNiki Volos0:1  details03.03.2019
Group 4StylidaFokikos FC2:1 (1:1, 1:0)details23.02.2019
Group 4Thiseas AgriaFokikos FC3:1  details17.02.2019
Group 4Fokikos FCPierikos2:3  details10.02.2019
Group 4MeteoraFokikos FC0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details03.02.2019
Group 4Fokikos FCOikonomos0:1  details27.01.2019
Group 4SellanaFokikos FC2:0  details23.01.2019
Group 4GS AlmyrosFokikos FC0:0  details20.01.2019
Group 4Fokikos FCAchilleas Neokesarias1:1  details13.01.2019
Group 4KarditsaFokikos FC0:0  details16.12.2018
Group 4Fokikos FCO. Volos1:1  details09.12.2018
Group 4Asteras IteaFokikos FC4:1  details02.12.2018
Group 4Fokikos FCApollon Makrychori0:0  details25.11.2018
Group 4Niki VolosFokikos FC5:0  details18.11.2018
Group 4Fokikos FCStylida0:2  details11.11.2018
Group 4Fokikos FCThiseas Agria2:0  details04.11.2018
Group 4PierikosFokikos FC0:1  details27.10.2018
Group 4Fokikos FCMeteora0:2  details21.10.2018
Group 4OikonomosFokikos FC2:1  details14.10.2018
Group 4Fokikos FCGS Almyros0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details07.10.2018
Group 4Achilleas NeokesariasFokikos FC2:1  details30.09.2018
GreeceGreece: Gamma Ethniki - Group 2 - Main
Group 2Fokikos FCPyrasos0:3 AWA.  details15.05.2016
Group 2TsaritsaniFokikos FC3:0 AWA.  details08.05.2016
Group 2Fokikos FCPydna Kitros0:3 AWA.  details24.04.2016
Group 2Achilleas NeokesariasFokikos FC3:0 AWA.  details17.04.2016
Group 2ThesprotosFokikos FC3:0 AWA.  details03.04.2016
Group 2Fokikos FCAcheron Kanalaki0:3 AWA.  details27.03.2016
Group 2Niki VolosFokikos FC3:0 AWA.  details20.03.2016
Group 2Fokikos FCFarkadonas0:3 AWA.  details16.03.2016
Group 2Fokikos FCTyrnavos0:3 AWA.  details12.03.2016
Group 2Opountios MartinouFokikos FC3:0 AWA.  details06.03.2016
Group 2Fokikos FCFilippiada0:3 AWA.  details28.02.2016
Group 2KaraiskakisFokikos FC3:0 AWA.  details21.02.2016
Group 2Fokikos FCFeraios0:3 AWA.  details14.02.2016
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