FK AS Pardubice (Czech Republic)

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Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Division C - Main
30. RoundDvur KraloveFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details19.06.2011
29. RoundFK AS PardubiceChrudimCAN.  details12.06.2011
28. RoundLetohradFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details05.06.2011
27. RoundFK AS PardubiceSemilyCAN.  details29.05.2011
26. RoundJicinFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details22.05.2011
25. RoundFK AS PardubiceNova PakaCAN.  details15.05.2011
24. RoundVelimFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details08.05.2011
23. RoundFK AS PardubiceHorni MecholupyCAN.  details01.05.2011
22. RoundNovy BydzovFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details23.04.2011
21. RoundFK AS PardubiceUsti nad OrliciCAN.  details17.04.2011
20. RoundNachodFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details10.04.2011
19. RoundFK AS PardubiceTrutnovCAN.  details03.04.2011
18. RoundFK AS PardubiceHradec Kralove BCAN.  details27.03.2011
17. RoundTurnovFK AS PardubiceCAN.  details19.03.2011
16. RoundFK AS PardubiceKolinCAN.  details13.03.2011
15. RoundFK AS PardubiceDvur Kralove2:5 CAN.  details14.11.2010
14. RoundChrudimFK AS Pardubice6:1 CAN.  details06.11.2010
13. RoundFK AS PardubiceLetohrad0:3 CAN.  details31.10.2010
12. RoundSemilyFK AS Pardubice0:1 CAN.  details23.10.2010
11. RoundFK AS PardubiceJicin7:0 CAN.  details17.10.2010
10. RoundNova PakaFK AS Pardubice0:0 CAN.  details09.10.2010
8. RoundHorni MecholupyFK AS Pardubice0:0 CAN.  details06.10.2010
9. RoundFK AS PardubiceVelim2:1 CAN.  details03.10.2010
7. RoundFK AS PardubiceNovy Bydzov2:1 CAN.  details19.09.2010
6. RoundUsti nad OrliciFK AS Pardubice1:0 CAN.  details11.09.2010
5. RoundFK AS PardubiceNachod0:1 CAN.  details05.09.2010
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Pohar CMFS - Main
1/32-finalsFK AS PardubiceSlavia Prague0:1 (0:1, 0:0)details01.09.2010
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Division C - Main
4. RoundTrutnovFK AS Pardubice2:1 CAN.  details28.08.2010
3. RoundHradec Kralove BFK AS Pardubice3:2 CAN.  details22.08.2010
2. RoundFK AS PardubiceTurnov4:0 CAN.  details15.08.2010
1. RoundKolinFK AS Pardubice2:0 CAN.  details07.08.2010
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Pohar CMFS - Main
RoundDvur KraloveFK AS Pardubice2:1 PEN.  details24.07.2010
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Pohar CMFS - Main
1/64-finalsUsti nad OrliciFK AS Pardubice5:1 (4:1, 1:0)details25.07.2009
Preliminary RoundFK AS PardubiceZivanice0:4  details19.07.2009
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Division 2 - Main
30. RoundFK AS PardubiceVitkovice0:2  details04.06.2006
29. RoundDrnoviceFK AS Pardubice1:1  details27.05.2006
22. RoundZbrojovka Brno BFK AS Pardubice2:0  details24.05.2006
28. RoundSparta Prague BFK AS Pardubice0:0  details21.05.2006
18. RoundUsti nad LabemFK AS Pardubice0:0  details17.05.2006
27. RoundFK AS PardubiceHorni Pocernice3:1  details13.05.2006
26. RoundSigma Olomouc BFK AS Pardubice3:2  details09.05.2006
25. RoundFK AS PardubiceKunovice0:1  details06.05.2006
24. RoundCeske BudejoviceFK AS Pardubice2:0  details01.05.2006
17. RoundFK AS PardubiceZizkov0:0  details26.04.2006
23. RoundFK AS PardubiceHlucin3:0  details22.04.2006
21. RoundFK AS PardubiceSK Kladno1:0 (1:0, 0:0)details08.04.2006
16. RoundKromerizFK AS Pardubice3:0 (3:0, 0:0)details04.04.2006
20. RoundHFK OlomoucFK AS Pardubice2:3 (1:2, 1:1)details01.04.2006
19. RoundFK AS PardubiceHradec Kralove0:1 (0:0, 0:1)details25.03.2006
15. RoundVitkoviceFK AS Pardubice2:2 (0:2, 2:0)details11.11.2005
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