Esperance de Guider (Cameroon)

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CameroonCameroon: Elite One - Main
Canon YaoundeEsperance Guider1:0  details06.07.2008
Esperance GuiderSable3:0  details02.07.2008
Esperance GuiderUniversite Ngaoundere2:1  details29.06.2008
Union DoualaEsperance Guider1:0  details11.06.2008
Foudre Sportive d'AkonolingaEsperance Guider2:0  details08.06.2008
Esperance GuiderMount Cameroon1:1  details28.05.2008
Esperance GuiderBafang2:1  details18.05.2008
Fovu BahamEsperance Guider3:1  details30.04.2008
Aigle RoyalEsperance Guider1:0  details27.04.2008
Esperance GuiderCaiman Douala0:0  details16.04.2008
Esperance GuiderCotonsport0:1  details13.04.2008
TonnerreEsperance Guider1:1  details05.04.2008
Les AstresEsperance Guider2:2  details26.03.2008
Esperance GuiderLion Ngoma1:1  details16.03.2008
Esperance GuiderTiko Utd2:2  details09.03.2008
Esperance GuiderCanon Yaounde1:0  details24.02.2008
SableEsperance Guider0:0  details17.02.2008
Universite NgaoundereEsperance Guider0:0  details13.02.2008
Esperance GuiderUnion Douala1:1  details06.02.2008
Esperance GuiderFoudre Sportive d'Akonolinga1:0  details03.02.2008
Mount CameroonEsperance Guider2:1  details31.01.2008
BafangEsperance Guider0:1  details27.01.2008
Esperance GuiderFovu Baham2:1  details19.01.2008
Esperance GuiderAigle Royal1:1  details13.01.2008
Caiman DoualaEsperance Guider1:0  details09.01.2008
CotonsportEsperance Guider1:0  details06.01.2008
Esperance GuiderTonnerre1:0  details23.12.2007
Esperance GuiderLes Astres0:1  details19.12.2007
Lion NgomaEsperance Guider1:0  details12.12.2007
Tiko UtdEsperance Guider0:0  details09.12.2007
CameroonCameroon: Elite One - Main
Aigle RoyalEsperance Guider2:0  details14.10.2007
Esperance GuiderCPSA3:0  details11.10.2007
Lion NgomaEsperance Guider1:0  details03.10.2007
Esperance GuiderMount Cameroon0:1  details23.09.2007
Esperance GuiderUnion Douala0:1  details16.09.2007
Canon YaoundeEsperance Guider0:0  details08.09.2007
Esperance GuiderSahel1:0  details02.09.2007
Esperance GuiderUniversite Ngaoundere2:1  details29.08.2007
CotonsportEsperance Guider3:0  details15.08.2007
Esperance GuiderSable1:2  details09.08.2007
Esperance GuiderTonnerre0:0  details05.08.2007
Federal Sporting du NounEsperance Guider2:0  details18.07.2007
Les AstresEsperance Guider4:0  details15.07.2007
Esperance GuiderCetef2:1  details01.07.2007
Esperance GuiderFovu Baham1:0  details27.06.2007
Foudre Sportive d'AkonolingaEsperance Guider0:0  details20.06.2007
Bamboutos FCEsperance Guider1:0  details16.06.2007
Esperance GuiderAigle Royal0:0  details27.05.2007
CPSAEsperance Guider0:1  details19.05.2007
Esperance GuiderLion Ngoma3:1  details13.05.2007
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