Banik Albrechtice (Czech Republic)

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Czech RepublicCzech Republic: 1. A trida (MSK) - Group B - Main
1. RoundLucinaBanik AlbrechticePOSTP.  details07.11.2020
13. RoundBanik AlbrechticeStonavaPOSTP.  details01.11.2020
12. RoundJablunkovBanik AlbrechticePOSTP.  details24.10.2020
11. RoundBanik AlbrechticeJistebnikPOSTP.  details18.10.2020
10. RoundSC Stare MestoBanik Albrechtice1:1 (0:0, 1:1)details10.10.2020
9. RoundBanik AlbrechticeOrlova1:2 (1:0, 0:2)details04.10.2020
8. RoundHnojnikBanik Albrechtice0:2 (0:2, 0:0)details26.09.2020
7. RoundBanik AlbrechticeDolni Lutyne4:0 (2:0, 2:0)details20.09.2020
2. RoundBanik AlbrechticeTJ Dobratice2:1 (1:0, 1:1)details16.09.2020
6. RoundSmiloviceBanik Albrechtice0:6 (0:3, 0:3)details13.09.2020
5. RoundBanik AlbrechticeSokol Dobra6:2 (3:1, 3:1)details06.09.2020
4. RoundVratimovBanik Albrechtice0:3 (0:1, 0:2)details29.08.2020
3. RoundLibhostBanik Albrechtice2:2 (1:1, 1:1)details23.08.2020
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: 1. A trida (MSK) - Group B - Main
14. RoundJistebnikBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details14.06.2020
26. RoundBanik AlbrechticeLucinaCAN.  details07.06.2020
25. RoundStonavaBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details30.05.2020
24. RoundBanik AlbrechticeLibhostCAN.  details24.05.2020
23. RoundSmiloviceBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details17.05.2020
22. RoundBanik AlbrechticeJablunkovCAN.  details10.05.2020
21. RoundSC Stare MestoBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details02.05.2020
20. RoundSokol DobraBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details25.04.2020
19. RoundBanik AlbrechticePetrvald na MoraveCAN.  details19.04.2020
18. RoundTJ DobraticeBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details11.04.2020
17. RoundBanik AlbrechticeOrlovaCAN.  details05.04.2020
16. RoundVratimovBanik AlbrechticeCAN.  details28.03.2020
15. RoundBanik AlbrechticeDolni LutyneCAN.  details22.03.2020
1. RoundBanik AlbrechticeJistebnik6:2  details02.11.2019
13. RoundLucinaBanik Albrechtice4:2  details27.10.2019
12. RoundBanik AlbrechticeStonava2:2  details20.10.2019
11. RoundLibhostBanik Albrechtice2:2  details13.10.2019
10. RoundBanik AlbrechticeSmilovice4:2  details06.10.2019
9. RoundJablunkovBanik Albrechtice3:2  details28.09.2019
8. RoundBanik AlbrechticeSC Stare Mesto7:0  details22.09.2019
7. RoundBanik AlbrechticeSokol Dobra3:0  details15.09.2019
6. RoundPetrvald na MoraveBanik Albrechtice0:0  details07.09.2019
5. RoundBanik AlbrechticeTJ Dobratice3:0  details01.09.2019
4. RoundOrlovaBanik Albrechtice5:3  details24.08.2019
3. RoundBanik AlbrechticeVratimov2:1  details18.08.2019
2. RoundDolni LutyneBanik Albrechtice1:4  details10.08.2019
WorldWorld: Club Friendly - Main
Banik AlbrechticeCesky Tesin1:1 (0:1, 1:0)details15.07.2016
Czech RepublicCzech Republic: Division E - Main
29. RoundBanik AlbrechticeDetmarovice2:1  details17.06.2007
28. RoundBystrice pod HostynemBanik Albrechtice2:0  details09.06.2007
27. RoundBanik AlbrechticeRymarov4:0  details03.06.2007
26. RoundMesto AlbrechticeBanik Albrechtice4:0  details27.05.2007
25. RoundBanik AlbrechticeVelke Karlovice3:1  details20.05.2007
24. RoundCesky TesinBanik Albrechtice0:0  details12.05.2007
30. RoundSpartak HulinBanik Albrechtice0:0  details08.05.2007
23. RoundBanik AlbrechticeKromeriz2:4  details06.05.2007
22. RoundOrlovaBanik Albrechtice2:0  details28.04.2007
21. RoundBanik AlbrechticeFrenstat p. R.0:2  details22.04.2007
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