Al Shorta (Sudan)

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SudanSudan: Premier League - Main
6. RoundAl-HilalAl Shorta1:0 (1:0, 0:0)details24.01.2021
5. RoundAl ShortaAl-Khartoum0:2 (0:1, 0:1)details19.01.2021
4. RoundAhli ShendiAl Shorta0:1  details16.01.2021
3. RoundAl ShortaTuti0:2  details12.01.2021
2. RoundHilal El ObiedAl Shorta2:2 (1:1, 1:1)details01.01.2021
1. RoundAl ShortaAlamal Atbara1:3  details27.12.2020
SudanSudan: Premier League - Relegation
Final - 2nd legSbdo AldaeenAl Shorta0:1 PEN. (0:0, 0:0, 4:5)details29.10.2020
Final - 1st legAl ShortaSbdo Aldaeen0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details26.10.2020
SudanSudan: Premier League - Main
22. RoundAhli KhartoumAl Shorta2:2  details20.10.2020
34. RoundAl ShortaAl-Khartoum0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details18.10.2020
33. RoundAl ShortaRabita Kosti1:0  details16.10.2020
32. RoundAl ShortaHilal El Obied1:0 (1:0, 0:0)details06.10.2020
31. RoundAl WadiAl Shorta1:1  details04.10.2020
29. RoundAhli ShendiAl Shorta3:0  details28.09.2020
28. RoundMerreikh El-FasherAl Shorta3:2  details19.09.2020
27. RoundAl ShortaHilal El-Fasher2:1  details16.09.2020
25. RoundHay al-ArabAl Shorta2:1  details16.03.2020
24. RoundAl ShortaAl-Merreikh0:3  details10.03.2020
26. RoundAl ShortaEl-Ahli Atbara1:0  details05.03.2020
Al ShortaHilal El-FasherCAN.  details25.02.2020
21. RoundAl Hilal KadougliAl Shorta1:0  details25.02.2020
23. RoundAl ShortaAl-Ahly Merowe1:1 (0:0, 1:1)details20.02.2020
20. RoundAl ShortaAlamal Atbara2:0  details16.02.2020
19. RoundAlfalah AtbraAl Shorta2:1  details10.02.2020
18. RoundAl-Hilal OmdurmanAl Shorta4:1  details06.02.2020
17. RoundAl ShortaAlfalah Atbra2:1  details31.12.2019
9. RoundAl-MerreikhAl Shorta4:0  details25.12.2019
14. RoundHilal El ObiedAl Shorta2:0  details21.12.2019
16. RoundRabita KostiAl Shorta2:1  details17.12.2019
15. RoundAl ShortaAl-Hilal Omdurman2:3  details11.12.2019
12. RoundAl ShortaMerreikh El-Fasher0:1  details26.11.2019
11. RoundAl-KhartoumAl Shorta2:0  details20.11.2019
8. RoundAl ShortaAhli Khartoum1:1  details17.11.2019
10. RoundAl ShortaAl Wadi1:1  details06.11.2019
7. RoundHilal El-FasherAl Shorta2:1  details31.10.2019
6. RoundAl ShortaHay al-Arab2:2  details21.10.2019
5. RoundAl-Ahly MeroweAl Shorta2:2  details05.10.2019
4. RoundAl ShortaAhli Shendi1:3  details30.09.2019
3. RoundAlamal AtbaraAl Shorta2:1  details25.09.2019
2. RoundAl ShortaAl Hilal Kadougli1:0  details27.08.2019
1. RoundEl-Ahli AtbaraAl Shorta1:2  details19.08.2019
SudanSudan: Premier League - Championship Group
7. RoundAl-KhartoumAl Shorta5:0  details05.07.2019
6. RoundAhli ShendiAl Shorta3:1  details03.07.2019
5. RoundAl-Hilal OmdurmanAl Shorta7:1  details01.07.2019
4. RoundAl ShortaMerreikh El-Fasher2:1  details27.06.2019
3. RoundAl WadiAl Shorta1:1  details25.06.2019
2. RoundHilal El ObiedAl Shorta2:1  details22.06.2019
1. RoundAl-MerreikhAl Shorta2:0 AWA.  details20.06.2019
SudanSudan: Premier League - Main
12. RoundAl ShortaAl-Hilal Omdurman2:1  details04.05.2019
14. RoundAl ShortaHay al-Arab2:0  details05.03.2019
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