Euro U17 Women 2015Euro U17 Women

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Group 11X2 
Bulgaria U17 W - Moldova U17 W2:0   31.10.2014
Russia U17 W - England U17 W1:431.10.2014
England U17 W - Bulgaria U17 W5:0   28.10.2014
Moldova U17 W - Russia U17 W1:7   28.10.2014
Group 101X2 
Slovakia U17 W - Israel U17 W1:0   27.10.2014
Slovenia U17 W - Netherlands U17 W2:2   27.10.2014
Group 11X2 
England U17 W - Moldova U17 W9:0   26.10.2014
Russia U17 W - Bulgaria U17 W1:0   26.10.2014
Group 101X2 
Israel U17 W - Slovenia U17 W2:024.10.2014
Netherlands U17 W - Slovakia U17 W2:124.10.2014
Group 51X2 
Austria U17 W - Czech Republic U17 W1:023.10.2014
Northern Ireland U17 W - Ukraine U17 W3:223.10.2014
Group 101X2 
Netherlands U17 W - Israel U17 W3:0   22.10.2014
Slovenia U17 W - Slovakia U17 W1:222.10.2014
Group 41X2 
Romania U17 W - Lithuania U17 W3:322.10.2014
Serbia U17 W - Ireland U17 W1:122.10.2014
Group 21X2 
Bosnia & Herzegovina U17 W - Estonia U17 W1:022.10.2014
Finland U17 W - Poland U17 W2:022.10.2014
Group 81X2 
Kazakhstan U17 W - North Macedonia U17 W0:1   21.10.2014
Turkey U17 W - Denmark U17 W0:221.10.2014
Group 51X2 
Czech Republic U17 W - Northern Ireland U17 W2:020.10.2014
Ukraine U17 W - Austria U17 W2:6   20.10.2014
Group 41X2 
Ireland U17 W - Romania U17 W2:0   19.10.2014
Lithuania U17 W - Serbia U17 W1:4   19.10.2014
Group 21X2 
Estonia U17 W - Finland U17 W0:8   19.10.2014
Poland U17 W - Bosnia & Herzegovina U17 W4:0   19.10.2014
Group 81X2 
Denmark U17 W - Kazakhstan U17 W11:0   18.10.2014
North Macedonia U17 W - Turkey U17 W0:5   18.10.2014
Group 51X2 
Austria U17 W - Northern Ireland U17 W6:0   18.10.2014
Czech Republic U17 W - Ukraine U17 W4:2   18.10.2014
Group 41X2 
Ireland U17 W - Lithuania U17 W2:0   17.10.2014
Serbia U17 W - Romania U17 W1:1   17.10.2014
Group 21X2 
Finland U17 W - Bosnia & Herzegovina U17 W9:0   17.10.2014
Poland U17 W - Estonia U17 W5:0   17.10.2014
Group 81X2 
Denmark U17 W - North Macedonia U17 W10:0   16.10.2014
Turkey U17 W - Kazakhstan U17 W5:016.10.2014
Group 31X2 
Hungary U17 W - Switzerland U17 W0:316.10.2014
Portugal U17 W - Azerbaijan U17 W2:016.10.2014
Group 61X2 
Montenegro U17 W - Croatia U17 W0:214.10.2014
Scotland U17 W - Sweden U17 W3:114.10.2014
Group 31X2 
Azerbaijan U17 W - Hungary U17 W1:313.10.2014
Switzerland U17 W - Portugal U17 W2:113.10.2014
Group 71X2 
Belarus U17 W - Latvia U17 W6:0   11.10.2014
Wales U17 W - Belgium U17 W0:5   11.10.2014
Group 61X2 
Croatia U17 W - Scotland U17 W0:3   11.10.2014
Sweden U17 W - Montenegro U17 W6:0   11.10.2014
Group 31X2 
Hungary U17 W - Portugal U17 W2:0   11.10.2014
Switzerland U17 W - Azerbaijan U17 W5:0   11.10.2014
Group 61X2 
Scotland U17 W - Montenegro U17 W9:009.10.2014
Sweden U17 W - Croatia U17 W5:1   09.10.2014
Group 71X2 
Belgium U17 W - Belarus U17 W2:008.10.2014
Latvia U17 W - Wales U17 W0:308.10.2014
Belgium U17 W - Latvia U17 W3:0   06.10.2014
Wales U17 W - Belarus U17 W0:206.10.2014
Group 91X2 
Faroe Islands U17 W - Greece U17 W0:3   30.09.2014
Italy U17 W - Norway U17 W2:0   30.09.2014
Greece U17 W - Italy U17 W0:127.09.2014
Norway U17 W - Faroe Islands U17 W4:0   27.09.2014
Italy U17 W - Faroe Islands U17 W4:0   25.09.2014
Norway U17 W - Greece U17 W1:0   25.09.2014
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