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Betcoin Promo Code & Bonuses 2024

How to Get the Betcoin Promos & No Deposit Bonus

Mike McKean
Fact checked by: James Leeland
Last Updated on 28.06.2024

The Betcoin promotions range from a welcome bonus of 2,000 Gold Coins and 2 PBR Sweeps Coins, to a VIP club full of benefits and special offers.

Gold Coins are ideal for trying out different casino games, while PBR Sweeps Coins offer the chance to redeem prizes. And with the rewards program, it is possible to get more benefits for playing on the platform. But the best thing is that there is no need for a Betcoin promo code. Check out everything about the platform’s offers here.

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Betcoin Social Social Casino Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Bonus Type
Min. Deposit

Discover the Betcoin promo code 2024: A bonus of 2,000 Gold Coins to start

Betcoin Social Casino on Mobile
Betcoin Social Casino Games

Betcoin is a social casino known for its incredible portfolio of games. And for new users who want to explore them all, the welcome bonus is an extra perk. When registering, you receive, without requiring a Betcoin promo code, 2,000 Gold Coins and 2 PBR Sweeps Coins.

2,000 Gold Coins: Unlimited fun

Gold Coins are a form of Betcoin no deposit bonus, and can be used to explore the games available at the casino. With these coins, you can discover and try different slot machines, table games and other attractions without having to make any purchases. Therefore, this is a perfect resource for you to familiarize yourself with the Betcoin platform, having fun with its games at no additional cost.

2 PBR Sweeps Coins: Chances to redeem prizes

In addition to Gold Coins, Betcoin offers 2 PBR Sweeps Coins as part of the registration bonus. These special coins can be used to participate in sweepstakes games and competitions on the platform. So, PBR Sweeps Coins are a way to integrate into the community, participate in Betcoin promotions, and have the chance to redeem prizes.

How to take advantage of your Betcoin sign up bonus: Bonus details for new players

To participate in Betcoin promotions, all you need to do is register on the website. As a new user, you can activate the welcome bonus, but this is just one of the casino’s many offers. And it all starts with registration. Simple and fast.

To do this, simply enter the username you want to use, your email and date of birth, and then create a password for your account. With an account created, you are ready to take advantage of Betcoin sign up offers. Gold Coins and PBR Sweeps Coins are automatically credited in two separate batches of 1,000 GC and 1 PBR SC each. You’ll receive the second batch 12 hours after creating your new account.

5 expert tips on Betcoin's 2,000 Gold Coins bonus

As previously stated, the welcome bonus does not require a Betcoin promo code, so is very attractive for that reason. And you’ll be able to make the most of the offer with these tips.

Test multiple games with Gold Coins

With 2,000 Gold Coins, you have the freedom to try different games at Betcoin. Use these coins to explore different types of slots and table games to find your favorites. The casino’s portfolio is broad, take the opportunity to discover as many games as possible.

Use the PBR Sweeps Coins

The 2 PBR Sweeps Coins can be used to participate in sweepstakes games. After having played through your PBR SC at least once, they can be redeemed for prizes if you have collected enough of them. Read up on the T&Cs for a complete overview of how to start the redemption process.

Understand the nature of social casino currencies

The currencies used at Betcoin – both Gold Coins and PBR Sweeps Coins – have no real monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are designed to provide a fun gaming experience without financial commitment.

Plan the use of your coins

The fun starts with the Gold Coins, and the amount of 2000 may seem like a lot. But if you want to prolong your fun and enjoy the platform without spending anything, don’t spend all your coins at once. Spread your moves across multiple sessions and games.

Pay attention to the Betcoin bonus code

Betcoin frequently updates its platform with new games and promotions. Therefore, even if the welcome offer currently does not require a Betcoin promo code, this may change in the future. Keep an eye on casino notifications and emails so you don’t miss any extra opportunities to win coins or participate in special events.

5 frequently asked questions about Betcoin promotions

The Betcoin casino bonus rules are quite simple, especially because there is no need for a Betcoin promo code. However, some questions are frequent regarding currencies and common offers in social casinos.

1. Can I Use the Registration Bonus More than Once?

No, Betcoin sign up offers can only be used once per player. When you sign up and create an account, you will receive 2,000 Gold Coins and 2 PBR Sweeps Coins. Therefore, this promotion is for new players only and cannot be activated more than once.

2. What can I do with Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are the Betcoin’s main currency. They can be used to play the casino-style games available on the platform, and are solely intended for fun at the social casino.

3. How Can I Get More PBR Sweepstakes Coins?

In addition to the 2 PBR Sweeps Coins you receive in the Betcoin sign up bonus, there are several ways to get more PBR Sweeps Coins for free. You can receive them as a bonus when purchasing packages of Gold Coins, winning competitions and getting leaderboard prizes, for example.

4. What can I do with PBR Sweepstakes Coins?

The PBR Sweepstakes Coins can be used to play Betcoin.sweepstakes games when this currency is set as the default currency. And PBR Sweepstakes Coins received by playing these games can be redeemed as prizes.

5. Can I Convert Betcoin Coins into Real Money?

No, the Betcoin currencies, both Gold Coins and PBR Sweepstakes Coins, cannot be converted into real money. Gold Coins are only used to play on the platform, while PBR Sweepstakes Coins can also be used to redeemprizes. But it is important to mention that prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Betcoin promotions: VIP club with exclusive benefits and rewards

The VIP Club is another of the Betcoin promotions for its players. It offers a rewards-filled gaming experience with its Status Point-based program. Here are the main ones:

Status Points

Status Points determine your level of rewards within Betcoin. You can earn Status Points by playing games, participating in leaderboard competitions, opening your Surprise Box and in many other activities within the Betcoin community. The more Status Points you accumulate, the higher your level of rewards and, consequently, benefits.

Surprise Box

Surprise Boxes can be opened throughout the day at certain time intervals. Each surprise box contains a random prize with a random value, based on your rewards level. So, the higher your rewards level, the higher the Surprise Box prize value.

Betcoin Social Social Casino Bonus

More on Betcoin bonus offers

Cash Games on Betcoin Social
Grab a Welcome Bonus on Betcoin Social
Betcoin social casino welcome bonus: Gold Coins and PBR Sweeps Coins without needing a Betcoin promo code

New players are always attracted by interesting offers. Therefore, the Betcoin social casino offers a welcome package that includes 2,000 Gold Coins and 2 PBR Sweeps Coins. And these Gold Coins allow you to enjoy all the games available on the platform, while with PBR Sweeps Coins you can participate in competitions and sweepstakes games on the site.

Reality test on Betcoin's social casino bonus: Taking advantage of Gold Coins

Each type of social casino currency has its function and they are quite limited. This means that you cannot use your coins for anything other than what they were designed for. The Gold Coins and PBR Sweeps Coins from the welcome bonus are easy to claim. Simply register with a new account on the site and the coins will be credited to your account in two separate batches, 12 hours apart. You can explore the vast portfolio of casino-style games using your Gold Coins or play games in sweepstakes mode with your PBR Sweeps Coins for a chance to redeem prizes.

Requirements for redeeming prizes from Betcoin promotions

Betcoin is a social casino. Even though it has several promotions and bonuses, none of them can be exchanged for real money. Therefore, it is not possible to make withdrawals. However, you can redeem your PBR Sweeps Coins for prizes after having played through them at least once and collected enough for a redemption.

Pitfalls to avoid when playing at Betcoin's Social Casino

Even with simple rules and without the possibility of cash withdrawals, there are some pitfalls that you should avoid when activating your Betcoin no deposit bonus. PBR Sweeps Coins can be used in different ways, such as to participate in sweepstakes games or competition. Keep in mind though that you need to fulfil the playthrough requirements before starting a redemption process. Also make sure to enter your correct details upon registration as these will be verified later on.

Conclusion on Betcoin promotions for new social casino players

The Betcoin sign up offers are generous and allow you to test the social casino’s features without spending anything. The 2,000 GC and 2 PBR SC you can claim via the welcome offer are enough you get you started right away. PBR Sweeps Coins also offer the chance to be redeemed for prizes after fulfilling relevant playthrough requirements.

Conclusion on Betcoin promotions: Coins to have fun at the casino

The Betcoin promotions provide an immersive and rewarding social casino experience. With an initial offer of 2,000 Gold Coins and 2 PBR Sweeps Coins upon registration, new players start off with plenty of benefits. And added to that, they have the opportunity to explore the platform without spending anything.

But in addition, Betcoin’s VIP Club further enhances the gaming experience by rewarding players with Status Points that unlock higher levels of benefits. The platform has a lot to offer, and all without needing a Betcoin promo code to take advantage.

Frequently asked questions about Betcoin promo code

🎁 Does Betcoin registration bonus expire?

No, the Betcoin registration bonus does not have an expiration date.

💳 Can I purchase more Gold Coins after using the Betcoin welcome bonus?

Yes, you can purchase more Gold Coins packages through your social wallet at any time. However, this is completely optional.

🏆 Is there a Betcoin deposit offer?

No, Betcoin is a social casino and as such does not accept deposits and has no deposit bonuses.

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