CD Enrique Happ (Bolivia)

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BoliviaBolivia: Nacional B - Play Offs
Quarter-finals - 2nd legLibertad Gran MamoreCD Enrique Happ2:0 (0:0, 2:0)details22.10.2022
Quarter-finals - 1st legCD Enrique HappLibertad Gran Mamore0:2 details15.10.2022
1/8-finals - 2nd legCD Enrique HappStormers SC2:1 PEN. (1:0, 0:1, 3:2)details08.10.2022
1/8-finals - 1st legStormers SCCD Enrique Happ1:1 details05.10.2022
BoliviaBolivia: Nacional B - Second stage
Group GStormers SCCD Enrique Happ1:3 details02.10.2022
Group GCD Enrique HappMorro Municipal2:0 details25.09.2022
Group GCD Enrique HappStormers SC1:2 details11.09.2022
Group GMorro MunicipalCD Enrique Happ2:1 details04.09.2022
BoliviaBolivia: Nacional B - First stage
Group CNueva ClizaCD Enrique Happ0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details20.08.2022
Group CCD Enrique HappReal Mizque3:0 details14.08.2022
Group CCochabambaCD Enrique Happ2:2 details06.08.2022
Group CCD Enrique HappNueva Cliza2:1 details30.07.2022
Group CReal MizqueCD Enrique Happ0:4 details27.07.2022
Group CCD Enrique HappCochabamba0:1 details23.07.2022
BoliviaBolivia: Nacional B - First stage
Group CCD Enrique HappCochabamba3:4 (1:1, 2:3)details22.11.2020
Group CCD Enrique HappTiquipaya0:0 (0:0, 0:0)details16.11.2020
Group CCochabambaCD Enrique Happ2:1 details13.11.2020
Group CTiquipayaCD Enrique Happ1:1 details07.11.2020
BoliviaBolivia: Nacional B - Main
Group A - 2. RoundQuillacolloCD Enrique Happ3:2 details31.10.2018
Group A - 1. RoundCD Enrique HappEm Huanuni0:1 details28.10.2018
Group A - 12. RoundSur-CarCD Enrique Happ3:1 details24.10.2018
Group A - 11. RoundCD Enrique HappFatic3:3 details21.10.2018
Group A - 10. RoundCD Enrique HappAlways Ready4:3 details17.10.2018
Group A - 8. RoundUniversitario de VintoCD Enrique Happ1:0 details07.10.2018
Group A - 7. RoundCD Enrique HappQuillacollo4:1 details03.10.2018
Group A - 6. RoundEm HuanuniCD Enrique Happ3:0 details29.09.2018
Group A - 5. RoundCD Enrique HappSur-Car3:2 details26.09.2018
Group A - 4. RoundFaticCD Enrique Happ4:1 details22.09.2018
Group A - 3. RoundAlways ReadyCD Enrique Happ5:0 details19.09.2018
Group A - 1. RoundCD Enrique HappUniversitario de Vinto0:1 details08.09.2018
BoliviaBolivia: Nacional B - Main
Group A - 14. RoundCD Enrique HappTiquipaya4:4 details11.11.2017
Group A - 13. RoundUniversitario de VintoCD Enrique Happ3:1 details08.11.2017
Group A - 12. RoundRamiro CastilloCD Enrique Happ5:2 details04.11.2017
Group A - 11. RoundCD Enrique HappDeportivo Kala2:3 details29.10.2017
Group A - 10. RoundAlways ReadyCD Enrique Happ1:2 details22.10.2017
Group A - 9. RoundCD Enrique HappDeportivo Escara6:1 details18.10.2017
Group A - 7. RoundTiquipayaCD Enrique Happ1:1 details07.10.2017
Group A - 6. RoundCD Enrique HappUniversitario de Vinto1:1 details30.09.2017
Group A - 5. RoundCD Enrique HappRamiro Castillo3:1 details23.09.2017
Group A - 4. RoundDeportivo KalaCD Enrique Happ5:3 details20.09.2017
Group A - 3. RoundCD Enrique HappAlways Ready3:1 details16.09.2017
Group A - 2. RoundDeportivo EscaraCD Enrique Happ1:0 details10.09.2017
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