Union Hainaut Basket Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (France)

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FranceFrance: LFB Women - Main
7. RoundUnion Hainaut WBourges W63:87 (35:50, 28:37)details13.01.2021
8. RoundNantes WUnion Hainaut W70:54 (40:31, 30:23)details09.01.2021
2. RoundLyon WUnion Hainaut W89:55 (42:32, 47:23)details19.12.2020
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Qualification
Final - 2nd legUnion Hainaut WWinterthur WCAN.  details16.12.2020
FinalUnion Hainaut WWinterthur W85:57 (39:32, 46:25)details16.12.2020
FranceFrance: French Cup Women - Main
1/8-finalsUnion Hainaut WLattes Montpellier W51:79 (23:36, 28:43)details09.12.2020
FranceFrance: LFB Women - Main
10. RoundCharnay Bourgogne Sud WUnion Hainaut W72:73 (37:44, 35:29)details28.11.2020
9. RoundLandes WUnion Hainaut W66:60 (35:29, 31:31)details20.11.2020
6. RoundLa Roche WUnion Hainaut W84:42 (45:27, 39:15)details24.10.2020
5. RoundUnion Hainaut WESB Villeneuve W47:63 (19:29, 28:34)details17.10.2020
1. RoundUnion Hainaut WLanderneau Bretagne W53:67 (28:35, 25:32)details14.10.2020
4. RoundLattes Montpellier WUnion Hainaut W75:61 (43:26, 32:35)details10.10.2020
3. RoundUnion Hainaut WTarbes GB W59:73 (20:39, 39:34)details07.10.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly Women - Main
Union Hainaut WESB Villeneuve W43:65 (19:37, 24:28)details19.09.2020
FranceFrance: LFB Women - Main
22. RoundTarbes GB WUnion Hainaut WCAN.  details22.04.2020
21. RoundUnion Hainaut WESB Villeneuve WCAN.  details11.04.2020
20. RoundBourges WUnion Hainaut WCAN.  details04.04.2020
19. RoundUnion Hainaut WLyon WCAN.  details28.03.2020
18. RoundLa Roche WUnion Hainaut WCAN.  details21.03.2020
17. RoundLandes WUnion Hainaut WCAN.  details18.03.2020
16. RoundUnion Hainaut WFlammes Carolo W76:79 (40:46, 36:33)details07.03.2020
15. RoundLattes Montpellier WUnion Hainaut W85:74 (51:38, 34:36)details29.02.2020
14. RoundLanderneau Bretagne WUnion Hainaut W74:65 (40:36, 34:29)details22.02.2020
13. RoundUnion Hainaut WCharnay Bourgogne Sud W65:91 (39:47, 26:44)details25.01.2020
12. RoundNantes WUnion Hainaut W68:84 (39:46, 29:38)details17.01.2020
11. RoundUnion Hainaut WTarbes GB W77:65 (48:39, 29:26)details11.01.2020
10. RoundESB Villeneuve WUnion Hainaut W71:69 (40:32, 31:37)details07.01.2020
9. RoundUnion Hainaut WBourges W66:73 (37:42, 29:31)details21.12.2019
8. RoundLyon WUnion Hainaut W79:66 (40:33, 39:33)details08.12.2019
7. RoundUnion Hainaut WLa Roche W65:74 (41:38, 24:36)details30.11.2019
6. RoundUnion Hainaut WLandes W60:67 (35:31, 25:36)details23.11.2019
5. RoundFlammes Carolo WUnion Hainaut W59:64 (35:39, 24:25)details02.11.2019
4. RoundUnion Hainaut WLattes Montpellier W59:62 (23:36, 36:26)details19.10.2019
3. RoundUnion Hainaut WLanderneau Bretagne W47:58 (21:32, 26:26)details12.10.2019
2. RoundCharnay Bourgogne Sud WUnion Hainaut W62:67 (27:36, 35:31)details09.10.2019
1. RoundUnion Hainaut WNantes W82:73 ET (37:36, 33:34, 12:3)details05.10.2019
WorldWorld: Club Friendly Women - Main
Flammes Carolo WUnion Hainaut W68:58 (39:22, 29:36)details25.09.2019
Union Hainaut WESB Villeneuve W74:63 (34:37, 40:26)details11.09.2019
FranceFrance: LFB Women - Play Out
6. RoundUnion Hainaut WESB Villeneuve W89:65 (49:29, 40:36)details02.05.2019
5. RoundNantes WUnion Hainaut W81:77 (44:36, 37:41)details30.04.2019
4. RoundUnion Hainaut WMondeville W69:75 (33:37, 36:38)details27.04.2019
3. RoundESB Villeneuve WUnion Hainaut W65:52 (31:18, 34:34)details23.04.2019
2. RoundUnion Hainaut WNantes W83:48 (41:16, 42:32)details20.04.2019
1. RoundMondeville WUnion Hainaut W73:58 (34:27, 39:31)details17.04.2019
FranceFrance: LFB Women - Main
22. RoundUnion Hainaut WTarbes GB W68:76 (41:38, 27:38)details06.04.2019
21. RoundLandes WUnion Hainaut W61:47 (33:17, 28:30)details31.03.2019
20. RoundUnion Hainaut WESB Villeneuve W74:53 (35:23, 39:30)details23.03.2019
19. RoundUnion Hainaut WLattes Montpellier W63:86 (28:54, 35:32)details16.03.2019
18. RoundBourges WUnion Hainaut W104:67 (58:35, 46:32)details27.02.2019
17. RoundUnion Hainaut WLanderneau Bretagne W52:77 (30:35, 22:42)details23.02.2019
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