CMB Cargo-UNI Gyor (Hungary)

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EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group A - 3. RoundSzekszard WUNI Gyor W75:67 (39:41, 36:26)details22.01.2021
Group A - 2. RoundPrometey WUNI Gyor W56:83 (35:49, 21:34)details21.01.2021
Group A - 1. RoundUNI Gyor WBellona Kayseri W72:86 (40:38, 32:48)details19.01.2021
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
Vasas Csata WUNI Gyor W71:83 (30:42, 41:41)details13.01.2021
PEAC-Pecs WUNI Gyor W54:69 (33:38, 21:31)details09.01.2021
PINKK-Pecsi WUNI Gyor W63:97 (40:54, 23:43)details03.01.2021
UNI Gyor WSzekszard W75:64 (38:31, 37:33)details29.12.2020
Cegledi WUNI Gyor W66:71 (33:39, 33:32)details23.12.2020
UNI Gyor WUjbuda BEAC W95:89 (46:44, 49:45)details19.12.2020
UNI Gyor WCegledi W93:60 (43:17, 50:43)details16.12.2020
Miskolc WUNI Gyor W57:77 (37:34, 20:43)details12.12.2020
ZTE NKK WUNI Gyor W42:92 (27:39, 15:53)details05.12.2020
UNI Gyor WMiskolc W73:70 (23:38, 50:32)details02.12.2020
Ujbuda BEAC WUNI Gyor W65:82 (32:45, 33:37)details28.11.2020
FCSM Csata WUNI Gyor W77:66 (39:36, 38:30)details25.11.2020
UNI Gyor WPEAC-Pecs W88:56 (42:29, 46:27)details31.10.2020
UNI Gyor WPINKK-Pecsi W92:78 (52:34, 40:44)details28.10.2020
Szekszard WUNI Gyor W78:84 (39:45, 39:39)details24.10.2020
Sopron WUNI Gyor W83:50 (43:32, 40:18)details07.10.2020
UNI Gyor WTFSE-MTK W91:82 (46:45, 45:37)details04.10.2020
WorldWorld: Club Friendly Women - Main
UNI Gyor WSopron W59:87 (36:57, 23:30)details06.09.2020
HungaryHungary: Hungarian Cup Women - Main
Quarter-finalsUNI Gyor WZTE NKK W76:77 (43:39, 33:38)details05.03.2020
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
21. RoundFCSM Csata WUNI Gyor W68:88 (30:56, 38:32)details29.02.2020
22. RoundUNI Gyor WSzekszard W49:82 (26:43, 23:39)details26.02.2020
20. RoundUNI Gyor WCegledi W72:64 (41:29, 31:35)details22.02.2020
19. RoundUNI Gyor WTFSE-MTK W81:72 (35:34, 46:38)details16.02.2020
18. RoundUjbuda BEAC WUNI Gyor W70:68 (43:34, 27:34)details12.02.2020
17. RoundUNI Gyor WPINKK-Pecsi W88:79 (52:37, 36:42)details25.01.2020
16. RoundSopron WUNI Gyor W76:48 (40:24, 36:24)details19.01.2020
15. RoundPEAC-Pecs WUNI Gyor W86:68 (46:29, 40:39)details12.01.2020
14. RoundMiskolc WUNI Gyor W89:64 (45:27, 44:37)details04.01.2020
13. RoundUNI Gyor WZTE NKK W0:20 AWA.  details29.12.2019
12. RoundVasas Csata WUNI Gyor W75:74 (37:48, 38:26)details21.12.2019
11. RoundSzekszard WUNI Gyor W102:69 (47:33, 55:36)details14.12.2019
10. RoundUNI Gyor WFCSM Csata W74:76 (49:40, 25:36)details07.12.2019
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group F - 6. RoundUNI Gyor WPerfumerias Avenida W35:67 (22:35, 13:32)details04.12.2019
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
9. RoundCegledi WUNI Gyor W72:82 (27:43, 45:39)details01.12.2019
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group F - 5. RoundUNI Gyor WGernika Bizkaia W60:74 (39:50, 21:24)details27.11.2019
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
8. RoundTFSE-MTK WUNI Gyor W70:62 (34:35, 36:27)details23.11.2019
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group F - 4. RoundOlivais WUNI Gyor W47:64 (21:29, 26:35)details07.11.2019
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
7. RoundUNI Gyor WUjbuda BEAC W101:58 (57:24, 44:34)details02.11.2019
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group F - 3. RoundPerfumerias Avenida WUNI Gyor W83:43 (37:20, 46:23)details30.10.2019
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
6. RoundPINKK-Pecsi WUNI Gyor W54:92 (24:46, 30:46)details26.10.2019
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group F - 2. RoundGernika Bizkaia WUNI Gyor W77:41 (39:24, 38:17)details23.10.2019
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
5. RoundUNI Gyor WSopron W53:59 (39:30, 14:29)details20.10.2019
EuropeEurope: EuroCup Women - Main
Group F - 1. RoundUNI Gyor WOlivais W76:62 (41:34, 35:28)details16.10.2019
HungaryHungary: NB I. A Women - Main
4. RoundUNI Gyor WPEAC-Pecs W82:68 (43:36, 39:32)details12.10.2019
3. RoundUNI Gyor WMiskolc W67:64 (27:38, 40:26)details09.10.2019
2. RoundZTE NKK WUNI Gyor W80:71 ET (33:41, 35:27, 12:3)details05.10.2019
1. RoundUNI Gyor WVasas Csata W105:97 (60:48, 45:49)details27.09.2019
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