Triple-A East 2021Triple-A East

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Columbus Clippers - St. Paul3:8Today
Iowa Cubs - Omaha Storm ChasersPOSTP.Today
Jacksonville - Durham Bulls1:4Today
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Scranton/WB5:14Today
Louisville Bats - Indianapolis Indians9:5Today
Nashville Sounds - Charlotte Knights6:3Today
Rochester Red Wings - Worcester6:10Today
Syracuse Mets - Buffalo BisonsPOSTP.Today
Toledo Mud Hens - Memphis Redbirds8:4Today
Omaha Storm Chasers - Louisville Bats7:421.06.
Charlotte Knights - Jacksonville13:720.06.
Columbus Clippers - Toledo Mud Hens12:420.06.
Columbus Clippers - Toledo Mud Hens0:820.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Nashville SoundsPOSTP.20.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Nashville Sounds2:620.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Memphis Redbirds11:520.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Memphis Redbirds8:720.06.
Norfolk Tides - Durham Bulls0:920.06.
Norfolk Tides - Durham Bulls5:620.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Louisville Bats2:1220.06.
Rochester Red Wings - Buffalo Bisons6:820.06.
Rochester Red Wings - Buffalo Bisons1:720.06.
Scranton/WB - Syracuse Mets4:320.06.
St. Paul - Iowa Cubs8:120.06.
Worcester - Lehigh Valley IronPigs5:220.06.
Charlotte Knights - Jacksonville3:719.06.
Columbus Clippers - Toledo Mud Hens7:519.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Nashville Sounds8:719.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Memphis Redbirds1:1019.06.
Norfolk Tides - Durham Bulls3:419.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Louisville Bats5:119.06.
Rochester Red Wings - Buffalo Bisons0:519.06.
Scranton/WB - Syracuse Mets7:519.06.
St. Paul - Iowa Cubs5:619.06.
Worcester - Lehigh Valley IronPigs5:119.06.
Worcester - Lehigh Valley IronPigs6:319.06.
Charlotte Knights - Jacksonville9:318.06.
Columbus Clippers - Toledo Mud Hens8:218.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Nashville Sounds2:318.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Memphis Redbirds3:218.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Louisville Bats6:518.06.
Scranton/WB - Syracuse Mets4:218.06.
St. Paul - Iowa Cubs2:1218.06.
Worcester - Lehigh Valley IronPigs3:218.06.
Charlotte Knights - Jacksonville11:217.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Nashville Sounds9:317.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Memphis Redbirds6:117.06.
Norfolk Tides - Durham Bulls10:6  17.06.
Norfolk Tides - Durham Bulls5:717.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Louisville Bats5:817.06.
Rochester Red Wings - Buffalo Bisons2:517.06.
Rochester Red Wings - Buffalo Bisons2:017.06.
Scranton/WB - Syracuse Mets10:717.06.
St. Paul - Iowa Cubs2:017.06.
Worcester - Lehigh Valley IronPigs2:817.06.
Charlotte Knights - Jacksonville4:616.06.
Columbus Clippers - Toledo Mud Hens10:1416.06.
Columbus Clippers - Toledo Mud Hens5:416.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Nashville Sounds2:116.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Memphis Redbirds6:116.06.
Norfolk Tides - Durham Bulls4:116.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Louisville Bats11:516.06.
Rochester Red Wings - Buffalo Bisons1:1416.06.
Scranton/WB - Syracuse Mets12:616.06.
St. Paul - Iowa Cubs1:316.06.
Worcester - Lehigh Valley IronPigs10:116.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Scranton/WB0:813.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Scranton/WB4:613.06.
Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights0:113.06.
Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights11:013.06.
Iowa Cubs - Columbus Clippers1:713.06.
Iowa Cubs - Columbus Clippers3:613.06.
Jacksonville - Norfolk Tides8:713.06.
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Rochester Red Wings3:713.06.
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Rochester Red Wings2:1  13.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Gwinnett Stripers6:113.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Gwinnett Stripers7:613.06.
Nashville Sounds - Indianapolis Indians4:713.06.
Nashville Sounds - Indianapolis Indians1:813.06.
St. Paul - Omaha Storm Chasers9:513.06.
St. Paul - Omaha Storm Chasers4:1513.06.
Syracuse Mets - Worcester2:1113.06.
Syracuse Mets - Worcester7:1313.06.
Toledo Mud Hens - Louisville Bats3:213.06.
Toledo Mud Hens - Louisville Bats10:413.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Scranton/WB4:212.06.
Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights4:512.06.
Iowa Cubs - Columbus Clippers9:212.06.
Jacksonville - Norfolk Tides0:812.06.
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Rochester Red Wings0:912.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Gwinnett Stripers4:312.06.
Nashville Sounds - Indianapolis Indians14:112.06.
St. Paul - Omaha Storm Chasers4:612.06.
Syracuse Mets - Worcester3:512.06.
Toledo Mud Hens - Louisville Bats10:612.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Scranton/WB10:0  11.06.
Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights3:211.06.
Iowa Cubs - Columbus Clippers7:911.06.
Jacksonville - Norfolk Tides6:411.06.
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Rochester Red Wings3:411.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Gwinnett Stripers0:1111.06.
Nashville Sounds - Indianapolis Indians6:311.06.
St. Paul - Omaha Storm Chasers9:1611.06.
Syracuse Mets - Worcester2:511.06.
Toledo Mud Hens - Louisville Bats3:211.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Scranton/WB2:310.06.
Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights10:510.06.
Iowa Cubs - Columbus Clippers4:810.06.
Jacksonville - Norfolk Tides3:910.06.
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Rochester Red Wings0:310.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Gwinnett Stripers1:3  10.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Gwinnett Stripers4:510.06.
Nashville Sounds - Indianapolis Indians9:410.06.
St. Paul - Omaha Storm Chasers2:510.06.
Toledo Mud Hens - Louisville Bats10:210.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Scranton/WB5:709.06.
Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights8:509.06.
Iowa Cubs - Columbus Clippers5:809.06.
Jacksonville - Norfolk Tides3:409.06.
Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Rochester Red Wings4:209.06.
Nashville Sounds - Indianapolis Indians1:609.06.
St. Paul - Omaha Storm Chasers4:109.06.
Syracuse Mets - Worcester4:1109.06.
Syracuse Mets - Worcester5:1209.06.
Toledo Mud Hens - Louisville Bats3:909.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Iowa Cubs8:307.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Syracuse Mets5:206.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Syracuse Mets6:706.06.
Charlotte Knights - Nashville Sounds3:206.06.
Charlotte Knights - Nashville Sounds4:006.06.
Durham Bulls - Norfolk Tides4:306.06.
Durham Bulls - Norfolk Tides4:006.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Jacksonville3:606.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Jacksonville5:806.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Columbus Clippers1:406.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Columbus Clippers3:206.06.
Louisville Bats - St. Paul6:306.06.
Louisville Bats - St. Paul6:106.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Toledo Mud Hens1:406.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Toledo Mud Hens1:606.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Iowa Cubs5:006.06.
Scranton/WB - Lehigh Valley IronPigs4:306.06.
Worcester - Rochester Red Wings5:1206.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Syracuse Mets3:605.06.
Charlotte Knights - Nashville Sounds1:005.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Jacksonville0:505.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Columbus Clippers5:2  05.06.
Louisville Bats - St. Paul1:405.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Toledo Mud Hens6:505.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Iowa Cubs13:805.06.
Scranton/WB - Lehigh Valley IronPigs6:905.06.
Scranton/WB - Lehigh Valley IronPigs4:505.06.
Worcester - Rochester Red Wings1:1805.06.
Worcester - Rochester Red Wings12:105.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Syracuse Mets5:404.06.
Charlotte Knights - Nashville Sounds4:1504.06.
Durham Bulls - Norfolk Tides4:1204.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Jacksonville2:604.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Columbus Clippers2:304.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Columbus Clippers10:3  04.06.
Louisville Bats - St. Paul1:2  04.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Toledo Mud Hens10:604.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Toledo Mud Hens3:204.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Iowa Cubs8:504.06.
Scranton/WB - Lehigh Valley IronPigs5:104.06.
Worcester - Rochester Red Wings3:104.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Syracuse Mets4:603.06.
Charlotte Knights - Nashville Sounds4:703.06.
Durham Bulls - Norfolk Tides11:203.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Jacksonville11:303.06.
Louisville Bats - St. Paul6:203.06.
Louisville Bats - St. Paul6:3  03.06.
Memphis Redbirds - Toledo Mud Hens0:703.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Iowa Cubs0:203.06.
Scranton/WB - Lehigh Valley IronPigs10:203.06.
Worcester - Rochester Red Wings5:1803.06.
Buffalo Bisons - Syracuse Mets3:202.06.
Charlotte Knights - Nashville Sounds4:602.06.
Durham Bulls - Norfolk Tides5:602.06.
Gwinnett Stripers - Jacksonville2:602.06.
Indianapolis Indians - Columbus Clippers5:302.06.
Omaha Storm Chasers - Iowa Cubs5:302.06.
Scranton/WB - Lehigh Valley IronPigs2:502.06.
Worcester - Rochester Red Wings4:602.06.
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