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Dear users,

we would like to inform you about some important changes we have made recently in order to make our website even more user-friendly.

The biggest news is that you can now become a BetExplorer.com registered user by registering here. It's for free, it's simple, and it has lot of advantages:

1. As a registered user you can set up your favourite leagues. If you do so, competitions you're not interested in will not bother you anymore:

My Leagues feature

Do you like just the biggest soccer leagues, like Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or Serie A? Mark them (by clicking on the asterisk next to the league name or in your Settings), and when you check today's schedule in Next Matches and switch to "My leagues only" in menu, other leagues will disappear. It also affects Results and Streaks section, and how your homepage will look like.

2. Speaking about our homepage, you can filter the data even more efficiently. Set your favourite sport in Settings and get faster just what you want:

Your favourite sport

Are you a basketball fan? Set basketball as your favourite sport, and next time you visit the homepage, your selected basketball leagues will be there. Of course, it also works with soccer, ice hockey, handball, volleyball and baseball. And setting your favourite sport will save your time in Next Matches, Results, Odds Filter and Streaks sections as well - your favourite sport will be displayed there as a preferred one.

3. As a registered user you can also select your favourite bookmakers and hide the others. There are 50+ bookmakers in our odds comparison, and you probably don't have an account with all of them. So why not select just those you can bet with?

Your favourite bookmakers

4. If you don't like European odds type and prefer fractional (UK) odds or American odds, simply select your favourite odds format in your Settings. You can also switch from displaying average odds to displaying highest odds, so you can see the highest odds available before you click on the match detail.

General settings


We believe these reasons are good enough to register with us and become a member of BetExplorer.com family. And some big news for our users are yet to come!

Your BetExplorer.com team

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